Things are crook

and not just in Tallarook.

Looks like the bushfire situation is pretty bad around Melbourne. At least 35 dead and a number of small settlements razed, along with a couple of larger ones. Many of the places were ones we liked to visit, like Kinglake and Marysville. We hope the family we know in Kinglake got out in time. Their house and business would have not stood a chance in these fires - they had a forested block and the trees were all eucalypts, which are adapted for burning. They need fire to reproduce, though this is a true wild fire and horribly destructive to tree, man and beast.

It is a terrible thing. Thousands are homeless, with not much more than the clothes on their backs. It sounds like quite a number of people got caught short, with the fires hitting quicker and harder than expected. Plus a cool change blew through, which means long narrow NW to SE fires turned and became wide fires pushing SW to NE.

There is very little I can do from here and there'd be very little I could do if I was home. I guess I'll just sit her and knit this danged husbandly sock and fuss some and then make tea (dinner) and fuss some more and read the news reports and knit and fuss.

Soon I might have one finished sock. The second one has to be done by next Saturday. I am happily knitting another beret - it was a real struggle at first, then I put it on a 4.5mm needle rather than a 4mm needle and now it is plain sailing!



  1. Same here Lynne and Im in Aussie but at the other end of the country,Ive been unsettled all day yesty and last night worried for people I know if only through ravelry and through the blogging world
    It is indeed much worst than Ash Wednesday

  2. It looked truly awful on the news here last night, we were thinking of you even knowing you're the other side of the world. I hope they can get the situation under control soon.

  3. Hug. Hope you get some news about your family. Thinking of you.

  4. Wendy3:56 pm

    I'm sorry to say the death toll is now up to 108 and still climbing. 750 homes gone and that number is climbing too. There a numb, sick feeling of helplessness, but lots of appeals launched and prayers that the fires will be contained soon.


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