So not good

Still not a g'day sorta day...

Bushfires Back 'Ome are very very very bad. I think there is going to be massive loss of human life, let alone critters both native and not. The bush, well the bush burns and usually regenerates, it's fire adapted (cept the rainforesty bits), but it isn't meant to burn as badly as this. The fires hit so quickly noone had much chance to put their fire plans in place and even those who were well prepared had little chance due to the ferocity. Whole towns just don't exist any more. I feel overwhelmed by the immensity of it all. If you want to see some pics, go here or here. And then if you are in Oz and have any spare cash, please donate to the Salvos or the Red Cross or online to the NAB's bushfire fund, like I did. I haven't linked cos the links are all over the local media.

There has been knitting in between fussing over the fires. One sock is finished, the next is started. The sock is a bit big for me even over my socks - as expected! It is for DH after all.

The latest beret is taking a lot longer than the first two - the lace is more complicated, occurs on every round and involves k3tog, not so easy with thicker yarn! But it is pretty!

About three months ago, I bought some seedling cauliflowers. Maybe four months ago. I planted them in as big pots as we had and left them to fend for themselves (ok, with some watering and feeding and soap sprays for aphids). Alas the cheddar ones have pretty much shot their bolts - I let them get dry when I was crook - but have a look at these little beauties!

A purple one for tomorrow night's dinner (along with lotsa other stuff)

and this romanesco!


  1. Those cauliflower heads are AWESOME!!! Wow, the color and texture are just gorgeous. Nice green thumb.

    I was in a bubble for a bit, but I have seen the news about the fires -- so heartbreaking and awful.

  2. The news from Victoria is shocking - really heartbreaking. The BBC has a lot of coverage.

  3. Hug x

    Your caulis look great. I'm going to try growing a couple this year.

  4. I think one of my next columns will have to be about purple cauliflower...

    Saying prayers for all affected by the fires and floods...


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