yarn yarn and more yarn

(note for Tanja W - your email is bouncing and I can't contact you. Of course this might mean you can't get online too!)

G'day again all!

I have to get rid of some more yarn. I am not sure why I have all of it, just cos it is a collection and MINE! But now I am starting to wonder why? Why keep it all?

Does anyone want some yarn at low, low prices? I have various amounts of Bendigo cotton (half price), mostly 8 ply, a range of colours in mohair (not the old 1970s stuff, more modern stuff that doesn't prickle unless you are a sensitive type like me (ohhh)) and random balls of wool. Admittedly most of the yarn colours tend to be in the blues, pinks, purples, greens and pastels (ie colours that a blue-eyed blonde would tend to wear) but there are some others too (particularly black, which I despise knitting with but is great for colour work and as a background). Most of the stuff has between 1-3 balls and is good for little projects or colour work. If you mix and match the cottons there would be plenty for some kids tops. I also have a range of polar fleece type yarns, some of which again would have enough yardage for kidswear. Apart from the big skeins of bendi cotton, it is all $1 a ball. No pics cos we still are challenged with pics, between the weather (grotty, cold, wet, like winter!!! - yucko but hooray!) and the downloading options (limited).

Whatever I can't get rid of through here and non-bloggy friends, I'll probably give to a charity, probably Knitters for Melbourne's Needy. I'd prefer not to give it to the Salvos since they have to sell it - I'd prefer that it went to a place where they will use it and where it is needed to keep people warm and happy. (I admit though, having been raised by a waste-not, want-not mother and being a natural born hoarder, I find it hard to give useful stuff away).



  1. I'll take a bunch of stuff off your hands. Would like to try some 8 ply cotton for dishcloths and maybe some little clothes. All your colour choices appeal to me (I'm a "summer" too, and so's my daughter). I prefer brights to pastels, though. How much for the bendi cotton?

  2. PS. This is lisa at very dot net - I've bought your hand-dyed yarn a couple of times this year. :)

  3. Oooh, I'll help! Yaarrrrn!

  4. I wouldn't say no to a bit of Bendy cotton either. Is any of it Harmony?

    Gizza email.

  5. Lynne I will take a bit of your cotton! I will email you about if (if you have any left)


  6. oh no! i've got a ton of yarn too but i can't give it away. or sell it either. i absolutely must keep it. i know i'll use it some day. maybe after i retire. probably. right???


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