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G'day all again!

Well we just found out why there has been no progress on the visa front.

Amongst all the emails Nathan has been sent (saying print this form and return it to us, with another email following saying oh whoops, print *this form* and an other email saying let's try again - access this link, complete the form, etc, etc) was one particular email that was not stuffed up. Except Nathan didn't read it properly because it was just another email with dud links in a pile of repetitive, unnecessary and above all confusing emails....

It just so happens to be the form that is needed for us to send back to them so they can send us a US immigration form to set up a visa interview. It was sent to us a month ago. It takes between 1-3 months to process the visa application.


Looks like we won't be there until summer now. Spewin', as we so graciously say here. I might not even get there in time for Estes Park! Triple DANG! Plus our money situation - well living off the mortgage is Not Good and the people who want to mind our house have a bit of a deadline too.

Guess I'd best be ringing up a new temping agency recommended to me, see if they can offer me work!

PS - the image server is down, so not only don't I have the ability to download photos from the camera to my computer, I couldn't upload them anyway = no pics today. This also means yarnivorous is down as well.
PPS image and yarnivorous servers are back online again. Hooray!


  1. Isn't that always the way though. The very viatl piece of information you need is always the one missing or hiding....

  2. Yes, that would be VITAL information. Obviously I am secretly in charge of this disinformation process!!!

  3. Well crap. How very insane-making!

  4. i am a us citizen living here and you should have seen the three hours of what i had to go through to renew my passport. i thought that i had crossed into a parallel universe where security is on steroids! when your pupils start to dilate they then give you the paper you need!
    patience and keep laughing


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