Crikey - Isabella!

G'day all!

Last night we went to visit my sister as she was having her preggers daughter around to dinner (not for dinner - we don't eat people). Just as well we went because today my niece isn't preggers any more.

Isabella (not annabella) decided to come a month early. 6lb, bruised from headbutting her mum whilst trying to get out (C-section followed when mum had an allergic reaction to ?the pethidine?). All are doing well. Grandmother is doing less well - she isn't ready to be a granma yet. LOL

It was a dark and rainy night as we drove home from B's place last night. As we dawdled along a local road, we both saw a funny leaf bounding across the road. It was bouncing in a very odd, very controlled sort of way. Sort like it was leaping - waaaah! Wooo! Waaah!

It was a little frog dashing for safety. :-)

In other news, the baby dress is almost done - the sleeves are finished and awaiting attachment to the body and the neckband being knitted up, etc, etc. Only bonnet and stupid little cutesy shoes to go. I should have it all done by the end of the week, even with the ribbons on it.

OK, time to go make dinner. It has been a busy day, with an SnB and baby dress stuff and a friend visiting and now a new baby in the family!



  1. Oh! Congrads on becoming a Great Aunty,lots of knitting opportunities now!!!

  2. Congrats on the new niece! Welcome, Isabella!

  3. Congratulations! Beautiful name...

  4. Hmm. I know I just read a blog entry somewhere that described a friend/relative having a birth exactly like that one... but I can't find which blog it was on!

    I'm sure you'll be a great Great Aunty : )

  5. Congrats on your new niece! Looking forward to seeing the dress et al :-)

  6. Congratulations! My friend's daughters are Isabella and Annabelle. Interesting. Of course, they are actually called Izzy and Rosie.


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