Isabella's Dress - AKC

G'day all!

I finally regained enough brain cells to get some pictures of the things I've been making these last two weeks.

Here's Isabella's dress:

(It is not really an odd reddy pinky overexposed and faded colour - the people who have seen it love it. It is a winy sort of merlot working on shiraz colour with pinkier bits and the odd little purple bit. yes I dyed the yarn after the pink dye was that bit too intestinal pink, y'know...) The dress is technically for a three month old but I think the mite might be wearing it a fair whack after that. The dress looks huge to me.

Here's a close up of the lace pattern:

(Little Chevrons from the second Barbara Walker Treasury.)

I've also made a bonnet. Haven't done the booties yet.

This cardi is meant for a three month old too.

It *is* smaller than the dress but not by much and does not have the bands (or the sleeves) on it yet. Sleeves are up to the shaping now. Edgings are a daisy pattern out of the Vogue Stitchionary

Since I have been making stuff for whopping big babies, I found a pattern for prem babies and immediately decided to make the largest size in that:

It is all in MOSS stitch! (Seed stitch to some of you). One knit, one purl. ARGH! So SLOW! Still I am most of the way to the top of the back now, only about another 10-odd rows to go. It does look somewhat smaller than the other items, so that is muuuuuch better for a little baby. Then again, 6lb is a good size for a month early and with any luck she'll put on weight quickly. (I guess I should not remind people that her Mum is the one who has the big front porch that she used to push in *anyone's* face, even people who didn't need to see it like me, but then again big boobs don't necessarily mean milch cow...)

Once the seed stitch baby kimono wrap is done, I should make a matching hat so the little tyke has one set from me that she can wear now, or at least when she is released..

I admit to being a bad great aunt already. I have not yet seen the baby. I should see if we can visit tomorrow and take the camera along. They have quiet time at the hospital so I'll have to ring first. And yes, the baby did come on Sunday but by C-section which means they stay in for a while.

I've been enjoying your terrible tales of chemical stupidity and the great aunt tales. I shall draw a winner tomorrow!

Tonight's bizarre experience. (We need a little set up first)

Earlier this week Nathan got in a steenky temper and went for a long walk. He walked to Springvale and found a new cafe up there, a cafe with a distinct Latin feel. This morning he had breakfast there. It is definately a new place just finding its feet.

Anyway we went back there tonight for dinner, only they don't have a vegetarian option and we had vegetarians in our party. So we dined elsewhere (much to my FiL's displeasure at first cos it was a meatless place, oh and I had already eaten cos eating out for me is fraught) and came back for coffee/hot chocolate/cold drinks and cake.

It doesn't seem bizarre yet, does it? It was only when we got back home that Nathan asked me about the atmosphere in the cafe. I really got the feeling that the Latino/Latina types in there were rather surprised to see us in there. I am clearly not Latina. Nathan felt the same sort of thing. The older people in particular (who looked like the parents and grandparents of the people running the place) seemed well a bit frowny. They gave us very funny looks. "Why on earth are you here?" they seemed to be saying.

The young owners of the place didn't care. They've grown up here. They are Australians. They just like having people in the door eating the food and drinking the coffee. Same with us - if we find a nice place where the food is good and Nathan likes the coffee, we don't care who runs it (as long as they meet health standards! LOL). They could be collectivist deconstructionist pre-post-neo-socialist lesbian whales for all we care. Nathan likes the place and wants to do some jamming with the musos who often hang out there so we'll be back!

Finally, a quick pic or two of Nutmeg.

(No big pic) A fuzzy shot of her about to mew at me. Looks like she's getting ready to fang me!

The Nut and in the background the leaves of the native orchids that grace our back yard. Yes they are small - only a couple of inches across. Yes they come up in autumn and flower in winter and spring - remember our winters are very mild.



  1. Beautiful dress and lovely cardi. On the longevity front, my mum made me a knitted dress when I was 3 and I wore it till I was about 12, and it was still being passed about various children till a few years ago. It is an heirloom now!!

  2. Sorry I haven't commented earlier, the dress is so pretty! When I learned to knit, I swore I wouldn't do any baby stuff (not sure why) but that dress is tempting!

  3. the post finally showed up! I love that dress -- the color, the lace -- and is that a picot edge collar?! soo cute!

    baby stuff is so much fun! Maybe I'll knit a lacy dress for my niece-on-the-way. :) If I do, I'll be sure to remember that you inspired me! :)

  4. The dress is REALLY cute!!

    Ok, I love seed stitch - but only seed stitch in the round, knitting continental with "lazy" purling. It is really speedy that way!

  5. bit behind on commenting!

    I ADORE the dress!! I so love bright colours for baby things (no boring pastals for the babies I knit for most the time)...

    And the other knitwear is goreous too!


  6. Nice work on the lace! Hopefully it can be worn for a good long time. :)

    Weird about the latin place looks - that'd probably make me not want to go back...but, then, I'm shy and unsure of myself!

  7. The dress is lovely, the colour is just fab. I'm catching up on posts so I've no idea when this showed up on Bloglines, sounds like it was delayed?

    Isn't it odd how people can be so stand-offish for no logical reason? The "ghetto" mentality is just so destructive and has no place in a modern society. Glad that the owners of the caff are cool about having customers in general though, sounds like the olds need to learn their manners :-D


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