Good news and bad news

G'day all!

I crawled off to the doctor today. Poor widdle me hasn't been feeling well since *before* I dropped the thermometer on Sa*turd*day night.

Doctor said "You don't have mercury poisoning. You are the third patient in the last five who has the same symptoms."

Yep, I got me a gut bug! No appetite, no energy, no va-voom! Twitchy and upset (dehydration). Doctor says it will clear up in the next 48 hours or so - that is most of a week that I'll ahve had this for then!

I finished the baby dress today. All sewn up. Then I discovered that I miscounted the eyelets for the ribbon, dang! Also I very carefully put the top button hole on the wrong side of the neck band... after I had sewn down the picot edge. It only took an hour to sew the edge down cos I kept trying to be fancy. So no button hole for the top button. It fits quite easily through a stitch. Of course I wasn't wrangling a wriggling baby as I put the button through a stitch.

No pics yet - I need to block the lace some. Yes I should do it before sewing it up but it's done in the round so I figured it can be blocked now. It is very cute.

Just as well that I haven't gone to see the baby eh? Mel does NOT need this gut bug. Not after a caesar.

After sitting in the surgery for an hour, I am about halfway through the bonnet. Another hour or two and it will be done too! Then the stupid little shoes. Dang, need to buy more buttons for the shoes....

Thanks for all the entries so far - I am glad to see I am not the first to try to poison myself with something horrid, or stab myself. Actually, whilst thinking of lab accidents, I used to do electron microscopy (transmission and scanning). One time I was wearing my contact lenses (VERY naughty!) so I could look through the TEM lenses easily without having to adjust them to billy-o for my myopia and also have to put my glasses on to make adjustments to the machine when I wanted to change something. Yep, I'm that shortsighted. I ended up needing to stain some more sections. So here I am, with my safety glasses on and a big wad of paper towel over the end of a syringe of uranyl acetate as I tap it and then squueeeeeze the syringe ever so gently to get the air out. (I can't even remember why the air had to come out - I think it spoiled the prep after a while.)

BLURT! The syringe blurted a several drops of uranium straight around the paper towel, under the safety glasses and straight into my eye! Boy did it hurt! Plus I had to hook the contact lens out. Then 15 minutes with the eye wash, an hour at the doctor's, an eyepatch and a permanent scar on my sclera (the white)!

I didn't get in much trouble because the lab manager knew that I was very very careful with what I did. Apart from the contact lenses, I followed all the lab guidelines very strictly.

So keep those horror stories rolling in, along with the awful great aunts. Alas the only thing I'll be able to stink of is myself - can't wear perfume and as for mothballs.... ergh! I might be able to arrange a faint whiff of cat wee though. Will that help?



  1. Sorry to hear about the gut bug - and with celiac and lactose intolerance, if you're like me, you assume you ate something with gluten or lactose before you consider that it might be a bug...

    Ouch to your eye! I guess I'm pretty disaster prone, although less so as an adult. When I was maybe 12, I was helping muck out the sheep barn, stupidly wearing tennis shoes. Stuck a pitchfork through my shoe and through one of my toes and the pitchfork got stuck in the ground. Ack!

  2. I hope you are feeling well sooner than 48 hours.

    Uranium in the eye would be a nasty mess for sure and not the most pleasurable feeling either. Yikes.

  3. Ouch - feel better soon!

  4. I havent got much time but what about a little loop for button or wont that suit design and layout of back join?

  5. I’m a great aunt and nothing changed seven years ago! Possibly because we see our nephew only once or twice a year and his daughter doesn’t even know we are family! How do I know that? Because at DD's 21st last month GN (great niece) came up to me whilst I was talking to younger niece and said, "she's in my family". "She's in my family too" I replied." Looking stunned, GN said, "that's weird". I tried to explain that DH is her grandma's brother but she just looked at me like I'd landed from some other planet!
    So there you go, a great-aunt alien without even trying! LOL

  6. So sorry to hear about your bug and hope it clears super quick
    Re post on my blog you are right the Welsh alphapet does not have a V and the Welsh name for it Llyn Efernwy but I put the English name so folks might get a better idea of where it was :)

  7. Ooh nasssty incident in the electron miscroscopy lab! I did a fair bit of messing around with both TEM and SEM, was utterly crap at cutting sections with a glass knife but fine at SEM (cos even an eejit can sputter coat things and if you choose calcified things they don't need that evil stuff that would fix your respiratory surfaces!).


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