ooh, rain!

G'day all!

Still no camera action, though we do have a work around now. Hooray! Pity it is so dark here that I can't get good shots anyway.

Yes it is dark even though it is daytime. Why is it dark?

Cos this Stuff keeps falling from the sky!

OK, so only about 14mm has fallen in the last day but everything is damp and icky. 19mm in the last week and it looks like there is more to come. The cats keep tracking in dirt - they run around under the house, which is dry, but have to go through wet bits to get back inside. Cheshire is a particularly good weather tracker. She appears inside whenever the weather is likely to be wet. She has been inside a LOT recently. Nutmeg is not a good weather tracker since she likes to sleep in a sunny window no matter the weather (and for that matter no matter the sun). Our rainwater tanks are nearly full again. The plants are looking very green and perky (except for the autumnal ones).

Yesterday Nathan and I rode our bikes up to his work. Thank heavens for me putting my brolly (umbrella) in his pannier because 15 minutes after we got there, the heavens opened and basically did not stop until late afternoon. I had to go into town (ie the City, ie Melbourne CBD) as I had a load of library books to return to the guild and a previously lost, now refound old passport to hand in. I didn't ride the bike home again - I just sat on the train all the way instead. Not sure why! Something to do with it being twilight at 4pm and icky damp?

Knitting - the baby wrap jacket is knitted and half sewn up. I am now doing miles of I-cord to finish it off. I started a new sock - I've had a bug about making these magknits rainy day socks since I saw them linked on someone's blog. I had one lonely skein of purple yarn I had dyed up. It is coming up so cushy! I wish I could show you pics of it and it would be even better if we had feel-o-vision but we don't.

I am also going through my 20 or so fleeces and working out which ones I can clean up quickly enough to take to the US with us. I have some lovely fleeces. I also spun up a whole icky fleece that I've now dyed and will make into a rug of some sort, most likely knitted. It is an icky fleece cos it is coarse.

Golly, apparently Dubya is going to come to Australia. As his presidential cavalcade drives through Sydney there will be a helicopter flying overhead with signal-jamming equipment. So he will have ridiculous amounts of security. To put it in the Australian vernacular, what a wank! Are his security advisers that afraid of his reputation here? We mjavascript:void(0)ay not have a very high opinion of him but like we are Australians, we can't really give a rat's (ie laissez faire r us), and he is America's problem to deal with, not ours....



  1. Alas, maybe you could just keep him on after the visit??? Glad to hear you're getting rain - and that you have a workaround for the camera.

  2. Yes, this drop of rain is a treat - even the birds in our garden are frolicking in delight. I've also noticed some very peculiar fungal-looking growth turn up in the garden - not your regular toadstools, but this sinister looking, spreading mass of white squiggly shaped 'cells', that I haven't yet been able to identify!
    At last count the reservoir that supplies our water here was just 6.9% full, so we could almost do with a 40 days and 40 nights job.

  3. Whos Dubya?
    Did you get much rain? Hope so!

  4. Thanks so much for the link for the TimTams! That is so funny that it is right here in WA state! I also found them at Cost Plus Imports here, but they were just called "Arnott's" biscuits--but looked like the same thing.

    Yes, I did just finish up the yarn tour a couple of hours ago--did all 20 stores!! Now I'm going to collapse somewhere....

  5. I'm with Chris, you guys can keep him. Enjoy the rain even if it means dark. You won't see it too often over here (this spring has been an anomaly since I moved here in 1999)!


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