Mental note to self - do NOT drop a thermometer on the floor!

(an hour and a half of crouching with damp paper towel ensued, picking up bits of ?mercury? or a more "friendly" liquid metal then ensued. Glad I picked the cats' bowl up - it had little beads of liquid metal splattered on it...)

My achilles are killing me! Rather like the original Achilles...



  1. Yikes!! If it's mercury, you just got a deadly dose. :(

  2. Hoping its not mercury for your sakes


  3. kitkatknit11:36 am

    When I was a junior in high school (about 374 years ago) the chemistry teacher had us clean out our equipment and supply drawers for the year, a day before prom. You guessed it, both my hands turned black!!! I'd hadn't done a good job cleaning some glasswear the last time we used it and I got silver nitrate all over my hands. It does not come off. It turns your skin black. The school nurses office called poison control who said the only thing I could do to lesson the stain was to wash my hands in a bleach solution. Lovely grey hands for prom. Crap timing on my part.


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