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G'day all!

Well stress has hit the big time around the Modest Manor. Oh boy.... People keep asking me, "How do you feel? Are you stressed or worried about the move?"

Well what do you think? Do you think I am cool as a cucumber or am I screeching, "I'm a teapot! I'm a teapot!"

I'd show you a pic of my spout but that would be a little much for this sort of blog, eh?

So much to do, so little time. We don't have an exact date, we have not been told anything about the move, what we should be bringing with us.... We know that there is no point bringing electrical goods with us since we run on 240V and the US is on 110V, plus our plugs are different *and* we have switches to turn the power on and off at the wall! A miracle of forethought!

I finished the baby stuff. haven't got pics of the finished stuff - the weather has been so up and down (mostly down) recently (though no rain for a couple of days now) that every time I get armed with the camera, it has clouded over and looks terribly gloomy again. Our camera is not a rainy day camera. It likes sun.

Here's a pic of the then unfinished wrap I've made that is sized for a late prem baby - hope it fits. I did miles of icord to finish it off and act as the tie. You can see the idea of the finished thing in the pic.

Nutmeg has been a bit odd recently, and not just from falling in the duckweed tank:

(Love that tail!)

I think she is cold. I heard funny noises behind the couch the other day and looked behind it to find this:

a cat in the travel bag for my spinning wheel. Her eyes don't seem to be pointing in the same direction. Maybe she is sensing that things are happening - there is always new junk in different places of the house to smell and examine and smoodge. Gosh I am going to miss the Nut in particular. She is such a well mannered cat (except when she uses her claws to launch onto or off my lap). There's lots of things I'll miss - the sound of an Aussie accent, the shared cultural background, the smell of gumtrees (but I guess I can get eucalyptus oil there, right? And there is always California - Californian chaps be warned, I may need a regular fix of real gum trees), friends, family, familiarity, not getting run over trying to cross the road.... but lots of opportunity too!

I knitted a sock in two days but I don't like the picot edge.

It is a rainy day inspired sock - inspired because I did it toe up, different heel, etc. Effectively the same though. Since I only have one skein of this yarn that I dyed, I am knitting the other one in a skein of a similar weight/type yarn in violet. 8 ply/DK socks are soooo quick to knit. I must say that the sock name was very very appropriate because I started it last Thursday, which is when it started to rain and rain and rain (though we ended up not quite getting an inch of rain but it's been cold and tending to rain ever since). Maybe if I knit the other sock some, I'll make it rain more.

I also finished the first of Nathan's Wildfoote socks.

Hooray! It has been my bag knitting for over a month. I tend to leave sock projects in my pack to take with me when I go out, and snatch a few rows here and there.

Hmm, time to go to bed and stress some more! I have to get rid of a heap of barbie dolls, mint in box (but the boxes might be a little damaged after 5 moves...). People tell me just put it on ebay, but that means getting pics and actually wrangling ebay into cooperating. Anyone know any barbie collectors?

Also, anyone know anything about importing fleece into the USA? I know Oz quarantine is very strict but I can't find anything online about US quarantine.



  1. So much happening so fast! Can you at least bring your camer and stuff and get adaptors for the chargers?

  2. For importing fleeces, you might stop over at Independent Stitch - that's Deb Robson, publisher of Socks Plain and Simple, Spinning in the Old Way etc. and she comes to SnB every now and again. She was editor of Spin-Off for sometime so I suspect she either knows what you need to know or knows someone else that could help you out...

  3. My friend Andrew collects Barbies - drop me a line and I will send you his email addy :)

  4. PS I cant beleive you have time to knit,destress move?

  5. Oh my ,I can feel the tension working up from over here !! but once your there it will be a great adventure. I have moved so many times and for me the worst is the packing
    Love the cat and yes he might just know that there is something up :)

  6. That Wildefoot yarn is really groovy. I'm currently in the process of knitting DH's first pair of handmade socks - in Heirloom Jigsaw. Is this the first time you've used Wildefoot? Is it hard-wearing? DH is a bit hard on his socks I guess the steel cap boots don't help! He won't be wearing his handknit socks with steel cap boots, he assures me! Thank goodness!


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