We have a winnah!

G'day all!

Remember my contest for a) mishandling Dangerous Stuff and b) being a great aunt?

Well we have a winner!

"KnitMe, come on down! You get to pick something off my website or let me know what you would like. (note the Marta Black sock yarn is gone as is the multi-mauve laceweight, but I have plenty o other stuff not yet up so let me know what you like!)

I have a little weeeeeny problem at the moment. Y'know how I upgraded my computer OS the other day?

Well now it doesn't recognise my camera. It wouldn't recognise your camera either. It doesn't like cameras any more. It has forgotten its purpose in creation - to download photos. (This photo downloading software would not voom if you put 40,000 volts through it!) It is a known problem and I just have to wait for them to fix it - every second time they make changes to the system, someone forgets that the reason why this is set up like that is to avoid busting the camera drivers. So it is just as well I can fit another 500 or so photos on the card. But that does not help us now! You can't even get pictures of Yet Another Sunset. Woe! How will you survive?

Topping it off nicely, the program I usually use for web pages is not supported by the Ubuntu community so when I upgraded, it took my program away! I can write plain html but it is a PITA not being able to preview it on the fly. I just have to reinstall it but I have to remember how to reinstall it....



  1. I was fine up till when you wrote: "upgraded my computer OS the other day?" and after that I have just stuck my fingers in my ears and gone "La la la la la" loudly!!! Hope your problem, whatever it might be, is fixed soon!!!!

  2. Have you been playing with linux again? Truly it is the dark side.

  3. LOL - having spent a chunk of the last week messing around with my computer, I can relate. Altho amusingly, I was setting up a dual boot system with two different variants of windoze...

  4. Technology is like family - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em! LOL

    Good luck!



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