Resounding silence

G'day all!

Well there's been resounding silence on the baby dress (except for 2paw! Thanks!) - I am guessing that bloglines/etc have not picked up the new post yet, a day after it went out. Still, whatever. Either the RSS feeds are playing up or it is realllllly ugleee! The people who have seen it have thought it was very noice indeed! So I am guessing the RSS feeds ain't working.

I have to get my lovely assistant to pick a name out of a hat for the contest winner. I am having a most excellent time looking at blogs that are new to me :-) Unfortunately I managed to crash my extremely robust system doing the same old same old. I am becoming less impressed by open office by the minute (it crashes my machine so badly I have to pull the power cord on it to reboot!) . Anyway the upshot is that I keep losing nice shiny new (to me) blogs and having to restart and find them all over again. I have even upgraded twice to stop this problem happening but no dice. Online stuff only tells me to get onto another machine and kick the offending program in the guts from there but that doesn't help as I can't log into my own machine when it is not responding to the keyboard or mouse or anything for that matter.....

I've been a total vegetable again today (hmm, which one? Maybe a potato). The gut bug is still trying to kick my butt, and I am trying to kick its with excellent nutrition, good gut bugs (acidophilus variants) and a little rest (ie I washed two fleeces today, knitted a bit and helped Nathan put the heated towel rail on the bathroom wall and walked 3.5km to get some gf/df chocolate biscuits cos I was desperate for a fix).

Heh. Tonight on the telly they had a little skit with two blokes playing roles from a japanese sword movie. They are making all the chings and swooshes with their own voices. One lops the leg off the other, making him hop around but in a mighty blow, One Leg chops the head off the Leg Lopper then picks the head up and sticks it back on the lopper's neck. In honour of the cleverness of that skit, I give you:

The headless Nut! (Gosh that furry pussy belly is just begging to be rubbed! And if you are lucky you will get a prrrmeow! from her too!)



  1. I'm amazed that your still getting stuff done while having a gut bug. I've been there and I've wanted to do nothing!

  2. yea, bloglines didn't pick it up until now!

    FTR, you can go to and plug in your feed URL and it'll force a bloglines update.

    Sorry about the bug -- I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh no - gut bug again? Blech.

    I got this post and the post with your ultra-cute baby dress at once :) So I guess bloglines was slow!

  4. Lots of Blogs in Bloglines had red (!) next to them. I like your idea of a restful day!!! I have no idea at all about all the computery things. I can..turn mine on!!!!! That's about it really.

  5. Oh dear,I had a pecky boo at your progress yesterday(no blog lines here,havent got that far!) but havent had time to post a comment,The dress looks gorgeous!!! and I admit it had me checking out a couple of patterns last night (dont think DH was too impressed as I suspect he would have prefered the light off!!!!)
    Im going to start some premi patterns for Knit4Charity in my "spare time"
    Hope your feeling better soon,gut bugs usually last for days with me too! Then again Cancerians are apparently ruled by their tummy,true in my case anyhow!

  6. Bloglines was way broken for all blogger blogs yesterday. Relax... :)

  7. blogger often hates me..that post wasnt even there last night when I checked your blog (on the baby knitwear)..and I am amazed I am allowed to post comments today!!

    Hope you feel better real soon hun!


  8. The dress looks gorgeous!

    Today's my first day near the computer for days - we had a BBQ for 40+ on Saturday and Mothers' Day yesterday so I haven't been near the computer since Friday!

    Don't know about feeds, how to use them or what they are - better educate myself! LOL

    Hope you're feeling better and the computer is behaving itself more!


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