Are my priorities wrong?

G'day all!

I am trying to make lists of what to take with me. THe lists vary depending on what the moving company will move. So I am confining my lists to what to put in my suitcase.

At the top of the list is my spinning wheel (a little gem II). It fits in the suitcase very nicely indeed, and so will other stuff! Hooray! (Yes it does have a travel bag, as modeled by Nutmeg recently, but it is not that protective and we will have to change planes on a trek that will take us about 20 hours plus I've seen how the baggage handlers deal with manual loading/unloading.)

Then there is food - some bits and pieces to tide me over the first few days of disorientation. Then clothes. Plus disks of our data from here - no point bringing the whole computer cos they need different power stuff and mine is hmm 5 years old?

It would be very handy if the moving company tells us what sort of stuff we should be looking at moving - just clothes and books and important paperwork wot we will need (eg tax stuff)? Furniture? What?

Yesterday some friends of ours took away quite a few of Nathan's babies. He is now sad because his babies have fled the nest. Our friends are going to water Nathan's babies and stick them in their yards and give them another drink or two if they need it. Nathan loves his plants. He loves propagating them. We have a few too many plants. On Saturday our friends are going to help us with yard work and stuff. That will be fab!

In between fussing about the bathroom (one sheet of the tiling system is up and looks good but has a bulge at the bottom which we are worried about - it needs more glue behind it but getting the glue there is not going to be easy!) and the yard and the packing that needs to be done and trying to flick out several hundred fleeces of VM (maybe not several hundred, but enough!), I have been doing a little knitting. I'm knitting a diamond wrap from Victorian Lace Today for my niece, the one with the baby. OK I still have not seen the baby but we are sorta busy and distracted at present and I bet she is busy too, getting over mastitis and having a young baby at home. Anyway, the wrap is nice because it involves just the teensiest bit of brain power but is not tediously boring. It needs a little attention but not mind-numbing attention. I think it is just right :-) I think I like repetitive lace patterns.

Oh, Tanya W, you want to buy some yarn but optusnet keeps telling yahoo your email account does not exist (ie when I email you, it bounces). Postage is $5 for the whole lot.



  1. I will look after nathan's babies! i'm planning on where they are going to go!

  2. You may have whatever priotities you like. The whole moving thing scares the willies out of me, soI am sending you positive thoughts through the ether, especially for the babies, the cats and the suspicious bulge!!!

  3. OK, you may have prio'tities' but I actually meant priorities!!! (It makes me laugh and go Ohhh Err though!!!)

  4. I think it sounds like you're doing really well - I would be going absolutely insane, not knowing all the details.

  5. Arghhh...I'd be afraid to move anything. How to decide?? Fingers crossed for you that everything goes according to plan!

    Nathan may have fewer babies there, but soon he will be able to have all new kinds of plants and seasons to learn about :)

  6. Oh I just hate these lists we have to make before going any where let alone what is involved moving to another country , Yikes !!
    Thanks for you info re the VLT shawl , I am defo in 'mind-numbing lace' mode at the moment and getting really fed up of the flippin thing. I nearly chucked it into the frog pond last week

  7. I so dont envy your moving and the bits and pieces that go with it!!
    Did you find my email? The last one got lost in your vast incoming mail!

  8. Don't fret - 20 years down the track and I'm still thinking why on earth did I leave certain things behind !
    Do you know how long you'll be going for ? And where exactly you'll be accommodated? That might help narrow your choices.

  9. Oh, I feel stressed at the very thought of what you're going through right now. Like my Mum I get in a state getting ready to go away on holiday nevermind the big leap you're getting ready for. Thinking of you in this late stage and willing as easy a move as possible!


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