Three weeks to V-day

G'day all!

The visa stuff at last is moving. Our interview is on the 7th of June.

HP expects to move us the next week.


(That is funny cos I am agnostic so I don't have a god)

PANIC! So much to do, so little time! Panic! Flap flap flap! Plus I've done my SI joint so I cna't do a whole lot of physical stuff right now like bending and twisting and lifting stuff.

Anyone who wants any of the handspun yarn on my page better get in quick - I'll definitely be taking them to the guild maybe tomorrow, maybe Thursday. Plus I have a hmm-hmm load of hand-dyed yarn to list, not much more sock yarn though so if you want any sock yarn from me, you'd better keep a watch on the hand-dyed page... I am updating the hand-dyed page with some lovley blues and violets that simply refuse to have their pictures taken accurately. All those rich blues and violets and purples wipe the camera out.

I have real pics of real knitting to show you but not right now - I've gotta go flap a bit!



  1. may i ask where in the US you are going to? anywhere near me? if so keep me posted would love to host a Nevada knitters get together thingy! :-)

  2. Don't Panic- either Mr Mainwaringly or Arthur Denatally!!
    Mind you, I would be panicking too!! It will all work out in the end, it usually does!!!

  3. I'm glad things finally are moving ahead, albeit quickly!!

  4. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I'm happy for you that the visa thing is finally happening, but sad for the snbers and me - we'll miss you!!
    Try not to panic though, I've always found slow deep breathing works much better than "teapotting" (I'm a teapot! I'm a teapot!) lol
    Love Tammie

  5. Ooo! How exciting and how terrifying!

    A little bit of flapping never hurt anyone (it's probably good exercise! LOL)

  6. You'll be here for Estes Park then (just barely). Good thinkin! See you soon.

  7. Surely if you're agnostic, you don't know whether you have a god or not?

    You'll be missed. My firm recommendation is a big glass (or two) of something bubbly and anaesthetic when you finally get on the plane.

    It gives you something to loook forward to and wipes out the worst of the worst it took to get there :)


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