AKC - Annabella's dress

G'day all!

What a feral day it was here yesterday! Absolutely vicious nor-norwesterly blowing. Gave me a case of the grumps, mainly cos it blew the washing off the line (a black house spider moved into the peg basket three months ago and I have not yet evicted her but am not game to put my hand in...) and blew my newly washed fleece right off the rack into the mulch (and the fleece was almost VM-free, but not after it blew around and around in the mulch...). It even blew the rack away! My plans to plant stuff went awry because it was so windy any plants that I unpotted and put in the ground would dry out in seconds.

I tried to get pics of the yarn I've dyed up recently but even that was a problem - if I let go of it for long enough to get pics, it would start blowing away too!

However, I did find the pics I couldn't find that I was sure I had taken - they had not been downloaded from the camera from over a week ago! How silly of me!

I finally got a shot or two of things I am working on at the moment.

Here's Annabella's dress, such as it is - about 14cm of it and counting. I am using umm, gosh, must go check what the pattern is called.... Little Chevrons? from Barbara Walker's second treasury. When you do 22 repeats of the pattern in each round, you really get to learn the pattern. Also I like these repetitive patterns as they are easily read - if I forget what line I am on, I just look at what went before.

I've also been diverting myself with playing with some handspun that I absolutely adore. It is so soft and silky. It is a comeback fleece (ie a sheep whose mother was a merino cross and who has been bred back to a merino). It didn't take the dye well but that is ok - it is subtle!

Anyway, I thought I wanted something like a clapotis, only with faggotting (must have faggots in it!),

but then I decided I wanted an edging and the option of doing patterns, so it has ended up like this, for the nonce.

I only have nearly 700m of yarn to play with (there's another larger ball), so plenty left to do!

In news that you have been waiting for, the shop is updated! Go here for new sock yarns or here for the handspun yarns!

Finally, a pussy pic - the eye of Nut



  1. That pink wool you've started the shawl with is really lovely,I must get busy and spin some my stash!
    Work has again taken its toll, too tired and heaps of washing and housework! But with hockey starting on Sunday I will at least get a lot of knitting done,one game at 9am and then at 11! There goes the sunday sleep in!!

  2. Oh, the dress is going to be adorable!!

    Love the Eye of Nut. Sounds like it could be a fantasy novel.

  3. Oh, the new handspun and sock yarn is sooooo tempting!

    Yep, the wind was a bit exciting yesterday, especially with an unfinished iron verandah roof, but it was so nice to wake up to a thunderstorm and rain this morning.


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