G'day all!

Must share this poor pussy tale with you. (If you could see the pictures of the tail, you'd be amused!)

Nutmeg is checking out the duckweed tank we have in the back yard. It is an acrylic tank about 60cm high (2') with about 6cm of water in it. It has shadecloth over it to stop the mossies getting in/out. Nothing holds the shadecloth on or down apart from its own weight. The tank has been there for hmm, about 5 months now I guess. Nutmeg's never shown interest in it before.

The Nut gets that look in her eye, the look a cat gets when they go a bit silly.

She leaps up onto the shadecloth on the tank.

The shadecloth takes her weight for about 5 milliseconds, then drops her perilously close to the water level. But haha! She is not in the water.


She prances along the shadecloth and discovers her feet are getting wet. So she back pedals. As she backpedals, she pulls more and more of the shadecloth into the tank with her, just like when you pull the paper towel and the whole lot whizzes off the roll at you. So she starts back pedalling faster and faster and more and more shadecloth lands in the tank with her.

Splosh, she's in the tank with the duckweed!!!

Her tail goes straight up into a dunny brush and she magically levitates out of the tank in the way that only cats can.

By this stage I am practically rolling on the ground laughing. I am such a cruel Hand that Feeds. Nutmeg is completely beside herself and extremely indignant about me laughing. Her dunny brush tail stays fluffed up and she won't come near me. All my fault of course!

(I eventually caught her and dried her off with a towel. She was wet up to the belly. I wish I could share the dunny brush cat tail pic with you - she looks like a racoon when she puffs up.)

(BTW, the visa stuff is now sent off, all is not lost yet)



  1. I have a pretty good mental picture of the event - hee hee!

    Bloglines is a bit broken again...

    *crosses fingers* re visas!

  2. Oh, I can just see it! Poor widdle wet Nutmeg!

    Peri Peri's lately returned to one of his favourite tricks - he fluffs himself up, goes out in the rain, gets just the tips of his fur wet, then comes inside and smooches all over the first human he encounters.


  3. Easily pictured by those of us who have cats - those big tails are quite a picture, aren't they?

    It really is true: "dogs have families, cats have servants" - how dare the servant laugh at the master's predicament?!

    Good luck with the visas.

  4. Hi,Did you get my email? Had one returned where I let you know that payment for that STR etc is banked!
    Thought maybe the dratted computor was being naughty!!
    Poor Nutmeg I would have loved to see the Dunny Brush,LOL

  5. I can imagine the aftermath. I very indignant cat pretending that nothing odd has happened, nonchalantly cleaning herself with an "I meant to do that" expression on her face.

  6. Great cat tale!! I love the little clothes - the dress is beautiful and such a great colour (doesn't matter about bloglines with me - just too darned busy & have a hubby that hogs the computer!!)
    Fingers crossed for the Visas!!

  7. Cats are so fun to laugh at. Mine will occasionally roll off the top of the couch. I get in trouble every time because I can't keep from laughing and pointing.


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