Sun chases grey away

G'day all!

"We are grey - we stand between the candle and the star.
We are grey - we stand between the darkness and the light."
(Who said that and in what tv show?)

Well it was certainly grey yesterday. It was the greyest and dullest day we've had for ages, and cold - only 10 degrees C. Fog rolled in overnight and just didn't go away until a cool change blew through after sunset. It was bizarre - we rarely have fog that lasts after about 10am. Nathan said when he was in Seattle, it was like that for a whole week. Ick. I need my sun!

But today it is just as cold but sunny. Sunny is good. Sunny means I can get pictures! Sunny means that I can see stuff easily. Late yesterday afternoon I was trying to work in the garden, doing some weeding and I couldn't actually see the weeds - it was like it was some time after sunset, not 45 minutes before.... LOL

I've finally been able to get some pictures. Y'see when I leave for work, it looks like this at the station:

(Note that a train has just left - the two red lights are up on the signals. It ran EARLY! I missed it. Grr. I got to work half an hour later cos I missed that train and the next one was late.)
though sometimes it looks like this if I look east and it is clear:

And when I get home, the sun has set. Flash-lit shots just don't look as good, I think.

So anyway, here's one thing I finished up this week, well one pair of things:

Some armwarmers for Nathan to wear on his bike. He rides to uni whenever he goes to uni, and he finds it a bit chilly some mornings. Dreamcatcher sent me some GGH Aspen a while ago, and four balls of it have become these. No pattern - I just swatched it out, and started knitting. They are quite slim fitting on the forearms cos I forgot Nathan's arms thicken up pretty much immediately from the wrist, unlike mine (I guess that is a male/female difference). Note that the cables go different ways for the arms. I am pretty proud of that little detail :-)

And here is another thing I am making for Nathan:

the first of a pair of socks out of some Trekking that Chris sent me. I am in the trek-along, but it is hard to post pics of your sock at home instead of on some amazing trail in some pretty place. I am hoping we will go for a drive later today, maybe stay away overnight, and find some good walks to do. :-) The sock will be going with me.

So thanks, guys for donating yarn to this unworthy cause! It is great :-)

I will post pics of the pak'ma'ra/cthulhoid glvoes soon, but since I get so little chance to take shots in daylight, I am going to spread out the pics over more than one post.



  1. How orange your post it today. Very orange!!
    Delenn : B5. I so love that show!!!
    Nice Trekking socks, are you meant to actually 'trek' whilst knitting them???

    Cluthlu pattern!!! Sorry if it's not spelled correctly!! I didn't search for this!! Donna at Random Knits son wants one!!!

  3. Even in the mist - it's awfully pretty. Your armwarmers and trekking socks are both gorgeous! Nathan is a lucky boy!

  4. Oh, very nice with the cables spiraling oppositely. Do his ears get cold? If he wears a helmet, I have a pattern somewhere that can deal with that.

    I'm glad you're liking the Trekking! It's looking good.

  5. Like the armwarmers. Verrrrrry orange though.

    Congrats on the opposite cables.

    I luuuuuuuuuuuv trekking yarn. It knits nice and is easy wearing.


  6. Love the armwarmers! Very lovely orange.

    The trekking yarn is really pretty too there is some gorgeous sock yarn out there isnt there.


  7. I can't see fog without racing for camera,we get some beauties here especially after rain!!!
    Its been pretty grey here too,usually we get a foggy morning,then as the fog lifts and the day looks like its going to be nice, the fog comes back as a low grey cloud(around 10 o'clock) so if we are lucky theres a bit of patchy sun and then a heaps just as the day startes to cool own again(hence the new dyer is getting a good run!)

  8. The armwarmers are fab, yay for the orange!

    (BTW it's Dreamcatcher ... not wanting to be confused with web design software LOL! :-)

    Love your sunrise photos.

  9. Bummer about the train. That can be such a nuisance! The bus that I occasionally take has started leaving a couple of minutes early...

    Love the Trekking - the colourway is lovely.


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