Six six oh-six!

G'day all!

Tonight is a good night for feeling floppy. I crashed halfway through my cardio-room workout - like suddenly it was hard work, so I backed off lots. The physio nearly killed me - the pain from my annoyed tendons and muscles as he ground into them with his bony little elbow... I thought that was bad but then he found a spot that I can only describe as exquisitely tender, and I nearly hit the roof, minus my left arm of course, since it was being vigorously tendon-released at the time.... I just blame the date for everything today - 6/6/6. I havne't noticed the world ending yet, but it still has one and a half hours here.

Now the other day I promised a pic of something I had never ever seen before in Melbourne, well not a wild one anyway. I was gobsmacked when I saw what Nutmeg had found. She has a penchant for hunting tiny game - little skinks and what have you. She's never caught a bird, and as for mice... Well lookie what she brought in the other night:

A GECKO! I didn't even know they lived in Melbourne! One of the reasons why I want to visit the Top End (tropical Australia) is to see geckos running around the (inside) walls of the house, eating bugglies. I've lived here all my life and taken a keen interest in bugs and lizards and crap like that and the cat brings in a gecko! So sweet! It's a marbled gecko. He dropped his tail to distract her, but it didn't work. We ended up putting him in the terrarium and locking the cat out of the study for the night to let him have a rest and make a clean getaway. We've not seen him since.

In very important knitting news, if I am not careful, I will finish Nathan's new Trekking socks before I even get to take them for a walk! The first sock seems to be flying on the needles so far, though I am now in the interminable mid-foot section, the one where you knit and knit and knit and don't seem to make progress.

In other knitting news, I made an experimental glove for Nathan to wear on his bike - he complains his hands get very cold. Here it is before it was sewn up:

Orange Cthulhu, Pak'ma'ra or an oversided sideways knitted glove? Your choice. This is the original source of the pattern but I modified it a lot, like so it is almost unrecognisable in anything but intent. I did short rows and all sorts of stuff. Plus as it turned out I made the fingers too long and the palm too wide. Version two is in progress at present, and should not be anywhere near so monstrous.

(Oh and when I say pie, I mean meat pie. Australians love their meat pies - stew up yucky old meat (if we are lucky the commercial pies have real meat in them and not pigs ears and horse) and put it in a savoury pie crust, preferably shortcrust like on the bottom, flakey on top. Bake it to make it crispy topped. YUM! And chips means french fries that are not the little string ones. Chips can also mean potato crisps. We tell the difference by saying chips or hot chips, or adding the flavour - chicken chips means a bag of chicken flavoured crisps generally.)

Time to go warm up in front of the gas heater, then to bed. Very tired. Yarn yawn yawn.



  1. Cthulu! It's definitely Cthulu. Somewhere I have a pattern for gloves with i-cord fingers, which greatly intrigue me.

    Poor little gecko! Hopefully it got clear of your yard.

    Heh, you might have to take the Trekking socks on a walk around the yard or something. :)

  2. Too funny - doesn't catch mice - catches lizards...

  3. Cutie cutie lizard!!! So glad you caught him from the kitty! And that's a strange glove, I have to say :)

  4. See I'm thinking Pak'ma'ra!! It made me giggle, because they would NEVER be orange!!!! Apparently,I read, using the endorsed biblical calendar it was 6/6/6/ a few years ago, I think that's if Jesus was born in 4BC!!!
    Home made meat pies : gravy beef cooked for ages in a rich gravy and the pastry. Yum!!! I need to make a pie now!!!

  5. When I lived in Perth, there were geckos all over the place - not usually inside, but stone walls, brick fences etc were favourite basking places.

    Re gloves for bikes - having 2 male bike riders in the family... general consensus was that because knitting is full of holes (however small), and cold hands on bikes are due to the wind, which goes through the holes... answer - either greasy handspun knitted tightly, one step short of cardboard, or go to your local bike shop and buy some. Fine kid gloves are great, but rarely come in big bloke sizes. You could knit the palm/inside side of the gloves, and make the other side from leather (or vinyl), or get the sort of driving gloves which have a weather-proof outside and an inside such that the wearer doesn't lose feeling and mobility on the inside. Difficult design problem, although doubtless any knitted gloves will be better than no gloves!

  6. Wow! That gecko is really beautiful. My puss cats have brought in toads before but nothing quite as exotic.


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