Project Spectrum - May

G'day all!

June is upon us! This means I must show off my May projects before I work out what to do for June! (Is June blue? Lolly's site tends to crash my browser so I don't visit often) (which reminds me, Chaotic Chris, your blog is crashing my browser again. V dot annoying.)

So here are my contributions for May:

The Elfine's socks are done! Hooray! The inside out pattern looks nifty :-) Pattern here, sock yarn from here. Aren't they pretty! (and there is a little hint of something that arrived today - pics when I get a chance! Let's just say now I can join the Trekking Along properly cos I have yarn! Yippe!)

Plus here is the wall of the fibre room I have been working on for about six weeks now. I am not happy with that tree on the left - I need to fix the trunk up some. But the rest of it? Well I did expect to do a lot more green but then suddenly these mountains had to be included, and the rest is history. Gosh I love me some distant blue and purple mountains!

Now the last few days have been days of pain. Yep, I've discovered some new back muscles, well sorta more loin muscles, ones that run next to the spinal erectors. My chiro says that it is all coming from my tailbone being out of whack. If you knew what I've done to my poor bottom over the years (I broke a rock with it 5 years ago!), you'd know why my coccyx can get up to a bit of gip! Weirdly enough, walking and standing often hurt more than sitting, and not only does my back hurt but also my diaphragm. Anyway, I have to go back on Monday to get another fix. At least I am not feeling totally like death warmed up, unlike last night where I was so sore that when nathan grouched at me for not cooking dinner (when I get sore and I find a way to sit or stand that doesn't hurt, I am loath to move and dinner was not high on my list of priorities compared to avoiding pain), I started snivelling at him, and he decided to be nice to me instead. Ohhhh. How sweet. I still had to cook dinner though.

Speaking of which, I'd best go check the oven. Slack dinner tonight - pie and chips (GF and DF of course!). Then crafties. At least driving the car doesn't hurt much but I am pretty spacey.



  1. Hey Lynne, are you using Internet Explorer? IE has lots of issues with image sizing on blogs, it turns out. Firefox can handle things nicely (and is less of a security risk).

    Heh, and you're all set with BLUE for Trek Along Meets Project Spectrum, I bet. :D

    Sorry to hear about your pain and agony!! :( Your Elfines are lovely and the wall of your fiber room tres cool.

  2. Beautiful green Elfines!! Green green green :)

    I hope your tushy and areas near starts to feel better soon!

  3. Ooh I like your trees and mountains wall. Hope your aches and pains go away soon!

  4. Lovely socks - but are the links broken, or is it my browser (safari)?

  5. what exactly is pie & chips? i'm assuming chips are like our french fries, but pie? (visions of carmel pecan silk from village inn as a main course (yum!))

  6. socks look FANTASTIC!! love the colour!

    Yep blue is this months Project Spectrum

    ooooooooh!! My eldest child broke my tailbone as she was being born..she headbutted it. that was 6 1/2years ago and it still plays up sometimes if I sit wrong!


  7. The elfines are absolutely lovely. I can't wait to meet them in person. And I'm really impressed with the mural. Wah! I want my house finished so I can decorate!


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