Clever Nut

aka "Give your unmother a heart attack"

I hope noone is epxecting tales of knitting at this very moment - I do have some socky adventures to show off but I decided that some pussy exploits were more important :-)

We already knew that Nutmeg is a good climber. She used to climb up the pantry shelves at our old place and get into the roof (you really don't want to know the reason why we had to cut the ceiling out of the pantry....).

Well Nathan spent some time in the roof on the weekend, doing mysterious Nathan things that involved a fair whack (boom boom) of banging around and general cussing. He had the ladder set up for the access hatch.

So I hear some scrabbling and what do I find? Nutmeg up the ladder. She jumped down.

I go and get the camera and encourage her back up it again. Up

(note the very excited tail)(note hot water heater with asbestos riddled chimney and asbestos riddled walls in background)


(note the excited intent face)

Up to the top level

But the top of the ladder was not good enough for our Nut. Nope, she stretched out to put her paws on the top of the door jamb...

and then she gathered herself and jumped!

I nearly had a heart attack - to catch her if she fell would mean breaking the camera cos I'd have to drop it.... Her unsister is too ungainly to make that jump.

But all is well that ends well:

(I bet you never expected to see a cat's bottom on this blog!)

Can you believe that she jumped up that 3 feet from the aluminium (yes that is how it is spelt not this aluminum bizzo!) ladder? She had a thoroughly good time exploring and got totally covered with cobwebs. And freaked me out again with this display:

Who needs a gargoyle on the chimney if you have a Nutmeg in it? Chaos eat your heart out!

Ohmiword. Has anyone seen the PDF linked to on this Bead and Opal Queen page? Sideways knitted socks, though when I chuck the text into the google translator, it indicates that you have to seam them. I think I'd prefer a whole lot of grafting.... I do have a fibertrends pattern for sideways knitted socks, but this is giving me ideas, weird ideas involving some sort of decreasing or something (Thanks Donni for the link to the Bead and Opal Queen). Plus the chap whose work the socks are based on wore odd socks, just like me and Nathan.

That will do for the moment.



  1. Aww! Cute explorer cat! I can understand the heart-attack moments, though.

    There are sideways knitted sock in the Unexpected Knitting book (Debbie New?). I don't own it, but I jotted notes down on how to do them... somewhere.

  2. WOW - Nutmeg is a bold kitty adventurer indeed! You go, Nut! Woot-woot!

    Chaos enjoyed the kitty butt shot...

  3. We once 'lost' a cat in a house moving episode - she had climbed up inside the chimney and didn't come down for 2 days - cleaning up the soot which came down with her was worse than cleaning her, LOL.
    There are sideways knitted socks in "Unexpected knitting", and they were also in an old issue of Interweave Knits. Can be done in any weight yarn - tried them once, but the bit which started with "pick up 300 stitches..." prompted much frogging, and some 'normally' knitted socks. But if you want vertically striped socks, it's the way to go! BTW, you can borrow my "Unexpected knitting", or the IK for that matter, if you don't have yuour own!


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