Chaotic gifities

G'day all!

It is nice and early on a Sunday morning (I couldn't sleep any more even though I need it - work is on my mind a lot and pervaded my dreams). The sun has not been up for long and I am about to get ready to go to one of the handful of fibre/yarn events held in Melbourne each year. Woo hoo! Not that I have much budget for it cos I have to start being ultra-good due to job/money concerns. I'm meeting up with some friends there, which should be good.

Anyway, I have been most remiss. I've been rather busy with house stuff and trying not to mope and looking for new jobs. I have not even emailed my thanks so far - how rude of me!

A while ago, I bemoaned the lack of Trekking XXL here. I wanted to join the Trek Along even though it is not exactly summer here.

So without further ado, I reveal the lovely gifities I got.

Here's the box:

Five minutes later, after attacking it with tooth and nail it looked like this:

Yes, scissors were invented for a reason but that meant getting up and getting up meant pain from stupid backs, so I stayed sitting and just kept shredding the tape. No it was not very efficient.

But eventally, success! Inside I found yummy cracker things, a ball of blue Trekking, a card, some wristbands (coeliac wristbands) and some 70% lindor eggs. YUM!

The trekking is colour 71.

Thank you, thank you, Chris!!! It is so lovely of you to hunt me down some Trekking :-) Now I am a proper member of the Trek Along, except I haven't started the socks yet and haven't taken a hike, but maybe next weekend! I showed the yarn to Nathan and he said "Oooh, that's nice!" so I'll be making socks for him. I might just do a basic sort of ribbing pattern, show off the gradients in the yarn, but then again I might throw a cable in just cos I can. The socks will be toe up cos I like making toe up socks, especially for DH's size 11 feet. I feel safe that I will actually get two socks out of the ball of yarn.

In ancient news, over a week ago I got the second Socks that Rock club yarn. Hooray! It is pretty colours! Much mroe me!

So I have sock yarn almost coming out of my ears!



  1. Yay!! I'm glad it arrived safely! I like those crackers - just wish they were saltier, even tho I know that's not good for me!

    Those Lindor eggs are all the way from England by way of Minnesota, courtesy of the lovely MrsPao. I was packing things up at work and realized my grievous error - no chocolate. *gasp* So I gamely sacrificed some of the delicious eggs.

    Hope you have a lovely day at the fiber event!

  2. I am salivating here, no choking ahhh revive me you have SOCKS THAT ROCK yarn!!!!! *insert scream*

    Get the picture!!!!

  3. Beautiful yarn! I love the colourway of the Trekking. My Trekking which I ordered from Germany still hasn't arrived so I can't start trekking yet!
    If you like the eggs, I can send you some of that chocolate too :)


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