G'day all!

It is the crack of midnight here and I have a pounding heart that is now slowing down. Soon I can go back to bed.

Doncha hate WRONG NUMBERS?

I flew out of bed cos the phone was ringing. Ohmigawd, what's happened? Why is someone ringing us at midnight? I hope noone's died or been in an accident.

Nope, some middle eastern dude kept saying ello at me and then hung up. I thought they'd gotten over ringing us but it seems not - our number used to be someone else's...


This time in a week I will be a free woman! (But I am actually fairly expensive, at least as far as yarn and fleece goes) Hooray! Gosh it is scary and challenging cos this job has been a fair whack of my life for four years, and the previous role was another four years.... Very odd!

I took many pics today of my walk from Richmond to the city this morning. It is about 3.5km from Richmond to my workplace and despite the many pictures and stops and sidepaths I took, only took 45 minutes to walk (at my best I would expect about 35 minutes). It was so beautiful and not quite frosty - we've had much too dry weather and quite a number of sunny days. Only 20ml of rain for the whole month so far - we normally get about 60mm or just over two inches. I am sure the heavens will open and it will starting PersIStING down when I am no longer working and able to spend hours in the garden each day.

OK back to bed, via the bathroom and a paracetamol - back is playing up. It hates my work chair and punishes me for sitting in it for hours each day.



  1. Anonymous1:40 am

    Bad joke time ....
    Q. Why are there no aspirins in the rainforest?

    A. Because the paracetamol!!!
    (Congrats on the Big Decision!)



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