The Question - Quit or Prozac?

(not so) G'day All!

So there is my question. Should I quit my well-paid job and hope that I can find something else within a couple of months (before the money runs out), or should I bow to the corporate giant of my job and the pharmaceutical companies and chuck down some pills? (The latter with no guarantee they will work and that I will have a job in a month's time anyway?)

Ah, decisions, decisions.

This is me at the moment:

(I doubt I am the only person in the world who has had to empty the vegie crisper straight into the compost bin.... and then has left the half washed out crisper on a table outside....)

And I am getting a bit more black and blue and frosty as time goes on:

(unlike my poor baby car who got attacked by Ninya last night and was all covered in ice!)(BTW, Patricia Wrightson was a top notch Australian author, and I thoroughly recommend her books if you can find them - I have to steal them back from my sister who stole my copies for her kids)

I distracted myself today with some yummy stuff, including this:

Can anyone guess what this is going to be?

That is some of Marta's hellaciously expensivos (and therefore lustworthy) thick and thin yarn with some of her two ply strung up with about 300 beads. Maybe more. I didn't count.

So my questions for you - quit or drugs?

I think quit.



  1. De-brief with someone regularly?
    Or is it past the stage where that would provide any relief?

    Just my 2c worth.

  2. If those are your choices, and you can afford to quit - quit. No job is worth your health and sanity and if you can bite the budget and be without a job for a little while, I've heard you have a better chance of getting hired when you don't currently have a job - more bargining power on the hiree's part. Don't know if that's true, and it's certainly isn't working for my DH yet, but hopefully he will be employed before I lose my mind. I'm thinking about ya.

  3. Don't go for drugs - they screw you up big time. (I know) I'd have to say quit if you are seriously thinking about drugs. Sending you a great big hug!

  4. I'd say quit.

    No job is worth the grief of having to take drugs to survive.

    Don't stress too much over the decision.


  5. I'm going to weigh in on the other side. If you need the meds, take them. Chances are that the job is just exacerbating the underlying condition. Also, get a well-recommended physician to monitor your progress.

  6. If the job is the root cause of the problem, that would need meds to address it, then the job should probably go. Easy to say not easy to do! We are thinking of you, if we can help at all just shout.


  7. Seriously, there are always other jobs. If yours is stressing you out too badly and you're not satisfied, I'd say quit. Find something you love or at least can tolerate better.

  8. If you're not happy and you know that you won't get any support then I say quit. There are always other jobs and you can always make leaving sound like a positive thing with a bit of thought and creativity! We all know you have the creativity. :-)

    I've stayed in jobs I didn't like for the financial security and in the long run I didn't do myself any favours.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes I really appreciated them!

  9. If it's really mainly the job, quit. Life is too short. If there may be other issues, it may be worth trying the drugs and seeing if it helps (while you continue to search out new employment)!

  10. Quite, definitely. Having said that, though, there's nothing wrong with little pills if you actually need them, they can quite literally be a lifesaver. In your shoes I think I would quit AND see a doctor, or someone. Good luck with your decision, I know it's a hard one.

  11. ummm, take pills & therapy? and job hunt while you're at it? speaking as a formerly unemployed woman, it took me 9 months to find a job. in this dodgey world market, you might want to be assured of a new position before you quit the old.

  12. Ouch, what a choice - is this what they are saying you have to do?! Unless someone else unrelated to work provides a medical opinion on drugs, I wouldn't do it...

    That said, I'm a lifer on antidepressants - unfortunatly, my celiac wasn't diagnosed in time to prevent some crappy side-effects, like b-12 malabsorption and chronic depression... The anti-depressants - it's like night and day. Saved my life - literally.

  13. Quit. If you're still miserable, then go on the drugs. Life is short; don't be the kind of person who accepts a miserable job and doesn't expect to be happy.


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