Oi! Bring back my sunshine!

G'day all!

Yesterday was a very nice, if rather cold day. It was so nice, I put my quick drying polyester work trousers (not that horrid seersucker polyester, nice modern pants) out on the line.

Within half an hour, it started raining, and showers kept falling for the rest of the afternoon and overnight and even now! Plus without the sun, it got very cold indeed. As they say, Murphy was an optimist ;-) It was good to hear the water trickling into the tank next to our bedroom, though I could've done without that sound at 4am - it was very inspiring, shall we say....

So I promised pics of Nathan's gloves. Here they are in all their burnt orange glory (colour isn't quite right):

Note the seam on the bottom one - I didn't put in enough short row shaping for the wrist and they were a little on the large side. Note the one on the top has lots of short row shaping coming into the wrist. It fits a lot better. I modified the original pattern a lot - it basically only was up and down garter stitch. I changed it to have longer fingers, short row shaping of the fingers (I shortrowed because I couldn't see that the fingers would fit around mannish, thick fingers but didn't want extra width across the palm), shortrows into the wrist, shortrowed thumb - gosh I am so proud of the anatomically correct thumb pad shaping... I don't even know if it is the same pattern! I did start writing it up but oh boy, it is confusing cos of all the short rows.

They have been given the tick of approval - they are warm when we go for our evening walks, very warm. Almost as warm as the thrummed mitten! Next they have to be tested on the bike.

I was so pleased with Nathan's that I started making me some. More on that some other time.

Hope the weather clears up some - I want to go out and plant the last of the bulbs (poor things are a bit late into the ground). I am sorta glad we didn't go for a big drive cos I would've frozen every time I got out of the car. As it was, when we went out to get some more stuff for the house, my fingies turned stiff and whte/purple, and my nose went all sorts of pretty shades that I prefer it didn't. Maybe I should make me a nosewarmer. Nathan has enough blubber to insulate him some and doesn't notice the cold the same way that I do.

Finally, cos there is not enough pussy action on this blog, I give you:

Nathan and his baby. Cheshire is a lap cat, when she is not out trying to give the local cats grief (and getting into strife herself). The Nut isn't.



  1. Wow - you knit gloves and you're going to knit more! Very impressive.

    Dang, I'm getting cold just reading about how cold you get! *shivers*

    Hi, Cheshire!

  2. Hi Lynne - thanks for the sympathy - I'm making a cup of tea to go with it right now.

    You have interesting fabrics? I'm interested.

  3. Now THAT is kitty love!!

  4. Hi Lynne

    Free shipping to everyone! There is one bright skein of the cashmere left so send me a paypal for £13 and I'll pop it in the post to you today or tomorrow.

    take care

  5. I can't wait to see who visits your blog now that the phrase "not enough pussy action" appears in it.

  6. It's been really cold here as well as over your way.

    We had another frost today and half of the swimming pool at the Cataract Gorge was frozen over when we went up to the restaurant for a child free breakfast.

    I've finished knitting my socks from my 1st dyeing effort and am really pleased with them.

    I will post about them with pickies sometime soon.


  7. I think we've got your heat here. It is very hot in the UK at the moment. I love the gloves - I am so impressed.

  8. Being self employed is great. Hard work and a whole different sort of stress, but ultimately more satisfying.

    One tip: come up with something to keep you occupied between jobs, because they never start right when the last one finished. If you can come up with something that earns you extra cash, even better. (Can you tell I'm thinking you should spin and dye yarn to sell?)


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