Sock visits Puffing Billy

(Peeve, you might need to avoid this post....)

G'day all!

Sunday was our 6th going out anniversary - yep, Nathan and I started on 25 June 2000. He was such a shy thing with me - not shy in general but with a girl????

Of course I only realised this some time in the evening when I saw the date.... So we had celebrated by Nathan going up into the roof to do mysterious Nathan things, and me getting cranky with Nathan's sock without knowing it. Then we went for a nice little drive to Gembrook.

Gembrook is a quaint little place somewhat enlivened by being the terminus for "Puffing Billy." It was also market day, and one of my favourite market people was there (remember Galadriel from earlier in the month? Well now she has a bunny partner.... no pics yet, too gloomy!). But even better than the market was Puffing Billy engine 6A!

Sock wanted to be in a picture of the train.

We hung around the engine and Nathan went to ask some questions - his Dad is a big train nuffy and it sorta rubbed off a bit (not a lot though!). The driver (who I am sure has a much better official title than driver) asked us if we wanted to hop in whilst the train shunted the carriages into the station proper. Oooh yes!

So the Sock got to ride in the cabin! It was toasty warm in there. The fireman said that it is 10 degrees warmer in the cabin than outside, which is very nice in winter but not so nice when it is 35 degrees C outside....

There were all sorts of gauges and shiny brass things and things wrapped in tape that looked ickily greasy. (I might like trains but I don't like icky things still!)

And the driver, whose name was Allan, and who showed excellent taste in football teams (ie Melbourne) took a photo of us, with the sock - am I grinning cheesily or what? Click for the big picture that tells you what Nathan is thinking...

So sock got to ride in the cabin and then be casually draped over the driver's window.

Next - the sock visits a Gembrook nature reserve. BTW, it is finished now. I just have to weave in the ends. Then I guess I have to knit the other one... sigh.

On a totally different note, I discovered why I don't like soccer. The referees suck BIG TIME! They seem to favour the favourites - it is like they want the "name" teams to win in this world cup. Not that the Aussie Socceroos were robbed or anything, nor any of the other "lesser" teams that are not well known in the soccer world, like the African teams. Not that the Italians have more frees for them than any other team, and they've had 100 more frees than they've had awarded against them. Not that ONE umpiring "decision" can give a team the game. That is what I hate about soccer. It is totally bloopy and dependant on just one man who can make or break the game and a team. There are too few scoring chances. I'm sticking with my Aussie Rules. Footy ROOLZ!



  1. Hee hee - I love the annotated Nathan picture! :)

  2. There's nothing wrong with being a fruitloop!

  3. I just did your post in the Trek-Along blog for you, Lynne.

  4. What a fun time! You are the cutest couple.

    And about yesterday's post...I knew I'd see cat booty sooner or later!

  5. Congratulations on your decision to quit your job. It's really brave and I'm sure that temping will give you a huge lift in confidence in your own abilities (and demonstrate how miserable the workplace was that you left!).
    Is the photos of the pier Bafwon Heads? I spent a summer when I was 7 there with my brother an sisters. Fond memories of my brothers and I bombarding the stone beach wall with sandballs crafted to explode properly by careful construction of layers of wet and powdery sands.

  6. Wow - even an Australian Trek along with me- member. I love the colour you have chosen!
    Nina in Norway


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