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G'day all!

I had feared that my spinning mojo had deserted me - afer all I hadn't spun for pretty much a month (though I have to say that the tennis elbow was not happy with this spinning thing). Then after seeing most beautiful handspun yarns at the handknitter's guild yarn expo, my spinning mojo found me again!

Ages ago, Wendy sent me some kettle dyed South American tops. I've played around with some of it and made some interesting yarn, but this was a fast and furious spin-up over the last night or two. I had need to grab fluff and spin madly. This fit the bill perfectly. Ahhhhhh. Thanks, Wendy!

(Look we had blue sky for a while today! Yesterday was rather grey)

A little while ago I dyed up some (washed) fleece I had sitting around. I just stuck it in the dyepot and squirted yellow, fuschia and clematis (purple) on it. I wish I had taken a pic of the fleece as it dried and then when it was in prep (I just flicked the ends out and fluffed it up some whilst watching the princess diaries on Friday night). I split it into oranges, pinks, mauves, purply/blues, icky purple/yellow and yellow. Then I spun it last night, whilst watching Rocketman and not-quite so Gabriel Kent almost getting his comeuppance on the Bill, and plied it up with a fine silk thread just to make sure it was relatively stable. I ended up with about 250m of the most gorgeous fluff.

I love this stuff

(well now that it is spun - the silk thread was a pain in the butt tangled in itself several times and I managed to cut several threads at one point so I ended up with 5m lengths of thread.... argh... I had to wind more out until I got reasonable lengths). It is so pretty that you get a "closeup" that shows how loosely spun it is now - the silk is holding it together. I want to make a smoke ring out of it cos it should circle through all the colours and go around and around without ever ending. I also thought of a moebius ring. Any suggestions for patterns?

If you are brave, click on the pic to see what Nutmeg is studying so intently. But not for the archniphobic.... It even freaks me a little.

Oh boy. That will do for the time being. My brain is seriously deserting me - I've had a heavy working in the yard day. I emptied the trailer of all the stuff in it, unloaded the wagon of a huge pile of wood (stacked by Nathan), then filled the trailer up with a load of old cladding from the garage. Hooray! But jeez it was hard work - took me nearly three hours and I was whupped by the end of it. I'm still in a flap about work - I am getting some of the blokes there seriously jittery cos I keep looking like I am about to burst into tears (which is true, LOL). I've had a chat to two managers now and one is trying to throw me a life line. I told him I had made a certain decision (and gosh it made me happy having made the decision), and he gave me an option to think about. It would be easy in the short term but long term? Would it work? I dunno, but being employed probably is better than not and I can always look around for other work.



  1. Thanks for the spider warning!!! I didn't look. Your wool is lovely, I love the fine golden thread : very swish!!!
    I made a moebius scarf/collary thing from the last, or almost last issie of the UK Simply Knitting. It is so very cool and mathematical!!! Here's my link -
    Hope you are feeling more positive and the boogelly people are more considerate!!!
    I did google and find patterns too.

  2. The spinning is devine. You are just so talented and I'm in awe! I vote for the moebius scarf.

    And pictures of spiders? Nope. But I love the cute cat!

  3. You are getting dangerous with the spinning!! Those skeins are Gorgeous and very fancy!

    Wow that's a big spider in the house - what happened to it?

  4. I had to look at the spider, that wasn't as bad as I'd feared ... I was expecting some closeup of a huge slavering spider-beastie :-) It does look like those in "Arachnophobia" though ....

    What gorgeous dyeing/spinning. The orange is very Nathanesque. I'm fairly sure Knitting Pattern Central has plenty of free moebius type patterns links.

    I'm all agog (and it isn't pretty) about what you've decided. You are dangling hints around and it's driving me mad :-D

  5. That's a big spider and you are very brave! (Not just about the spider but also about work) Sending you big Hugs.

  6. Yowza, did Nutmeg take down that spider?!

    Well, temporary lifeline is something, right?!

    The second yarn you dyed is similarly colored to one of the skeins I sent my Dye-O-Rama buddy! Yours is much lovelier and with more depth, however.

  7. You are an inspiration!All I need is a longweek and to play as I have a fleece sitting there (on the lounge) and some silk,must wash fleece!!!Love your colours!!!!
    Work sounds better, at least you have a bit of extra time to find another position?

  8. Awww, look at the iddy biddy little spider! It looks like a baby huntsman. So cuuuuute!

    And the wool, as always, looks very droolworthy.

  9. that turned out great! the golden thread adds the perfect touch :)

  10. That rainbow skein is gorgeous.

    Nice spider.

    Hope work gets better. :-)


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