PS blues

G'day all!

Well the fun and games never stop here. To which I can say a big fat HA!

But there is always something to do and keep the hands busy and sometimes even the old mind.... though at present the old brain cells are rotting away cos DH decided to put some extremely smelly glue on something and the whole house REEKS of it. It is one of those smells that doesn't get familiarised to your nose/brain either - I've been home for well over an hour now and I can still smell it - so I guess it is a bad smell (nb this is why peoplw who wear perfume often throw more on - they can't smell it anymore, but everyone near them nearly passes out from the stench). So I am not sure that I am exactly focused on this blogging task 8-)

It is a long weekend here in (most of) Oz (not Western Australia). Ahhhhh, I so need a long weekend. All this work stress is driving me nuts.

I reckon it is about time I showed off some recent dyeing. I can't even remember when I dyed this yarn up (see, I told you that the glue fumes were rotting my brain). It is a wool and silk blend - little lumps of silk are spun into the wool. I've dyed it up so that there are long lengths of one colour, sorta self striping only it won't self stripe in anything other than a baby's jacket or beanie I reckon. Have a look-see, let me know what you think:

(this photo is darker than reality but it showed the weird dull blue/green colour on the left fairly accurately)

The skein!

I have to unskein the skein and wind the balls separately and label them in order - currently the balls of yarn are loosely knotted together.

I thought the dye job was very appropriate for the June Project Spectrum - blue. I have blue socks on the go. The cthulhoid/Pak'ma'ra gloves are finished and orange armwarmers almost done. Orange fits into blue in Oz - y'see someone with carrot coloured hair is often nicknamed "Blue," as is a particular type of cattledog which is usually a mottled/brindled orange/red/brown (although another sort of cattledog which does look rather blue in colouring can also be called "Blue" - confused yet?).

OK, gotta get some fresh air - it will be fresh cos it is only 8 degrees (C) here. My head is spinning!



  1. I love the colour of your dyed wool,Blues and greens are in my top list along with a few others!
    Can't wait for my order to arrive from Hawthorne Cottage(but I miss the merino silk and alpacca roving,bugger..........
    Hope you have a great long weekend!

  2. Yes on the whole perfume thing!! I'm glad I'm not having to be outside as we are having minus nights!!
    Love the Orange/Blue Project Spectrum loop hole!!!!! When do we see the Pak'ma'ra????

  3. Your dyeing is very very Project Spectrum! I can hardly wait to see what you do in July (happy purple month!).

    Hope the fumes cleared eventually... I SOOO can relate to the perfume thing. Having a bit of a tussle with a relatively recent coworker who has been told not to wear perfume, because she's killing me (asthma, migraines, allergies) - she keeps sending me info on allergists and drugs I should take. Argh.

    Sorry for the rant!!!

  4. Actually the red ones are called Red Heelers and the blue ones are called Blue Heelers - or at least that is what I have always heard them called. Just to spoil the story. Hate glue with a vengeance! Can't even stand the feel of it any more!!

  5. I love the colours.

    Ooooh glue smells...yuck...AS long as you didnt get high on them! lol

    I have emailed you my dear. Hope it gets to you.



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