G'day all!

You know those almost perfect days?

Well yesterday was one of them. The only thing that stopped it being perfect is I found too many bargains to buy, so I spent too much money.... No pics of those yet. BTW, Melburnites, check out your local Spotlight. Mine (Sandown Park) has just refurbished and is throwing out yarn for 99c a ball. I bought a heap of pure wool that is rough but not scratchy, if that makes sense. My skin tells me it is rough but then doesn't get irritated.

Why was yesterday perfect? Well I got to see SUN! And lots of it! The forecast was not that good - 15 and cloudy, but whilst it only was 15C it was sunny for most of the day. My car heated up like a little greenhouse. Ahhh toasty warm without the heater on! (I actually had to wind the window down at some points to get some cold air!) After the 3 or 4 weeks of totally dank weather we have had until this week, it was lovely to get some sun. And in some miraculous occurrence, I managed to get clothes dry on the washing line!!!!! (Except then I forgot to bring them in until 2 hours after dark so I had to dry the dew off them inside.)

Today's forecast isn't so good. I think I'll try getting some clothes dry (like all my work clothes) in the greenhouse-in-progress. It is almost enclosed now so it heats up with a bit of sun (35 degrees C yesterday!)

Knitting wise I am now less than 3cm from starting the sleeve head on my jacket sleeves. Hooray! I've slowed down in the knitting recently cos if I gym in the evening it takes a goodly chunk of time. Plus last night we walked to a housewarming - a friend now lives about 20 minutes brisk walk away, or 25 minutes slower walk. His place is quaint - a Californian bungalow, built sometime between the world wars. He doesn't own it, just rents it, for which we are all pretty glad cos it has a few problems, like the singularity in the corner of the study that pulls all into one corner (aka the floor slopes pretty radically there - it is freaky cos you think it is flat but you suddenly are walking downhill and you start walking faster until you hit the wall). I'd show you a pciture of a typical Californian bungalow like T's but I can't google any up - obviously none have been put on the market recently. I did google up some houses that are distinctly not Californian bungalows - you would think that real estate agents could tell the difference between Federation style houses (c 1900), Victorian (c mid-late 1800s), Californian bungalows and cheap 1950s weatherboards but apparently not.

The socks continue but I seem to be crawling with them now. Dunno why. I thought my progress was OK but now that they are separated I should be doing two repeats a day on the train. Maybe I should take them to the cardio area of the gym today and sit and knit. I'm not used to riding the bikes yet to do that though.

Hmm, well not much is happening here really - it is early on a Sunday morning and I am not really awake at this stage. Nathan has gone to play organ at the church and take a load of photinia to the transfer station (where he gives them $20 and the photinia turns into a big pile of composted mulch!). I am yet to have breakfast, but that isn't too far away considering the noises my stomach is making. I need to finish the wall in the fibre room so that I can start tidying it up and get wool out of the loungeroom. If I can believe the weather thingie on my toolbar, it is only 6 degrees outside. Brrrr! But that is still 6 off freezing... It would explain why it is a little chilly inside the house though - we don't have a heater that we leave on overnight.

Oops, forgot to post this and now it is lunchtime and 12 degrees. Well that is two above Blackpool in England, but it is in the wee hours there.

Here's a pic of a pink correa happily flowering away in the front yard - note the blue sky in the background and the last few leaves on the liquidamber. It might be coming into winter but that is when a lot of native plants flower here, in part because it doesn't get cold enough for their pollinators to hibernate and the buggies and birdies need somthing to live on.

OK dokey, gotta go pull a part of the fence off so we can back the trailer in and unload it then load it. Plus I have to go buy MEAT (and some more yarn cos I tested it and it fulls well and also softens up after a little bit of a wash, so for 99c I am getting me MORE!).



  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Sun has been all to rare here as well, alas...

  2. Lovely knits - and glad you're getting a perfect day - we've had too much rain and then when it isn't raining, it just so windy.

  3. Err I don't think it made it too much above 10 or 12 today! Even the other side of the country near Nottingham! Rain rain rain. I think we got your weather :-D

    WIPs are looking good!


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