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G'day all!

Well it has been both a slack and very busy time here at the Modest Manor (speaking of which I really must update the house blog with Stuff). I've been crook sorta - I stayed home yesterday call all I wanted to do was sleep. Today I didn't need to sleep all day so I went to work and did a catch up with my now boss who used to be a team mate. We talked on the phone for an hour cos she is in Perth (that is like, hmmm, say I am in NYC and she is in Seattle, except it doesn't snow here and Perth is more like LA than here is only without the smog). Then I ran an info session with the toughest lot I've faced so far - the group is full of cynics. After that I discovered that I had said to someone they could borrow our team's laptop because we didn't need it tomorrow morning, only it turned out we do need it - my team mate hadn't written the booking in the book. Sigh. I spent an hour on the phone ringing around trying to find a phone and trudged down and up stairs trying to find another laptop. We sorted out a semi-arrangement and then what happens? One of my team mates says, as I am walking out the door, "Oh, Lynne, do you need a laptop for tomorrow? Why not borrow mine? I can use B's desktop box instead."

Argh. All that cos I didn't ask her first cos she was always on the phone when I wasn't! I am amazed I have any talk left in me as I talked for a solid three hours today, with some more talk thrown in.

Here's what you came here for. Knitting and yarn and stuff. Cat pictures.

The Elfines yesterday. No, oops from Monday. Dreadfully out of date picture. Dunno why I am showing it really - just to show the pattern I guess. This is such an excellent pattern - very easy to read so I don't use the directions anymore cos it is pretty obvious what you have to do. I am so proud of myself, being somewhat of a lace doofus until reading Eunny's excellent explanation. Even better when you do stuff up it becomes obvious quickly so it is easy to fix (eg I will forget ONE yo on occasion, always in the same place).

They have another repeat or three on them now and I am getting close to the shortrow heel.

Some yarn I dyed up - displayed (??), OK thrown on the piano seat.

The yarn nicely balled up

Three balls of mulberry silk laceweight. Same stuff as supplied by Kaalund Yarns up in QLD. Maybe a bit bright - needs to be dulled down a bit but silk is hard to get good photos of.

Three balls of wool single laceweight.

The colours are basically the same between the yarns, they were just done at different times. Plum and hibiscus/clematis overdyed with black and then a bit of clematis to add blue spots. Interesting how the silk is more intense - I know to expect that but still an interesting experiment. There's enough of each batch of yarn to knit a shawl. At least 600m, more like 800-900m on the three balls but I have to check. Again, let me know if you like anything. (BTW, Katt, I need to email you about the berry mix from the other day - you have first dibs). It looks way cute in the skein but I've not been able to get pics that are at all colour representative - it keeps being cloudy when I get home, apart from the sun setting around then too....

This is the other skein of yarn, the 280g monster - no wonder I was having problems getting the dyes distributed evenly in it! It has come up really nicely after being overdyed with black - it has dulled down some but not all of the colours. The closeup is almost representative of the colours in the skein. This is a pure wool from Andyle, so it was not a cheap yarn to buy - cost be about $25 I think.

Nutmeg's favourite place and way to lie

stretched along the top of the couch. What a picture of elegance!

Cheshire's favourite place and way to lie

upside down under the clothes horse, doing her best impersonation of a dead cat bloating in the sun (though in this case in front of the heater). Hmmm....

Time to go belt the husband on the back - he has the hic-cough-burps - hiccups, coughing and burping at the same time! In between hic-cough-burps he says it is getting very annoying!

BTW - the subject line? From the coffee machine on our floor. The machine is busted again - I think it has been out of order for all bar about 10 days so far this year. Just as well I don't like coffee. (Sacrilege!) The little display said:
Select product
Steam probe

Hmm, sounds rather painful to me! You might expect latte or capuccino but nope, it is only offering a steam probe! eeek!



  1. Oh, that silk looks simply divine!

    Love the bloated dead cat pose. Hee hee.

  2. Very nice dyeing. Your colours always look great.
    Bah Humbug about work. It is a kind of Murphy's law :
    "If there's more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way." !!!!
    The Labradors lie in the Sun upside down too. They prop themselves up with the couch!!!

  3. Looove the elphines, must try the pattern,as I haven't ventured to do toe ups yet!

  4. Check out that Kitty Sleeping Spot! Fantastic.

  5. Elfine socks look great!!

    Okies. Can you email me about that wool? I would LOVE to have the massive 280g skein!$25 is a bargain! So could you email me if no one else has already taken dibs on it.


  6. That blue yarn is just beautiful, love it.

  7. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I really like the end result of your dyeing. It looks lovely all balled up. And those Elfine Socks--love the green!

    - MJ

  8. You create the most beautiful hand dyes! Really awesome!

  9. Your hand dyes are stunning! Just stunning!


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