G'day all!

I am a naughty naughty sinner tonight. Y'see yesterday I joined a gym. Membership active as of that moment. Tonight I was getting ready to go when well let's put it this way - I've been visiting the smallest room of the house a bit more than I'd like to. Dunno if I got overexcited or whether I should've washed the salad at lunchtime a bit better or what. Anyway, there's been lots of weirdness happening and I've been plonked in front of the telly for almost three hours now, in between trips.

Anyway it is peeving, particularly since I bought some Expensivos Shoes to replace my last pair of runners which decided to start eating my socks and my heels ravenously. Heel counters had broken. I need to get good value out of these new shoes cos they cost a bomb, but they are the first pair of runners I've tried ont his year that felt Right. It was like coming home when I put them on. I've tried probably 20 cheap pairs and none felt Right. These do. Americans would die at the price cos it seems shoes are cheap there, but here? Ha!

I do admit I have had some good knitting time, watching the New Inventors, Spicks and Specks and the Worst Week of My Life. I still have to watch what I am doing with the combined knitting but I am now starting to be able to peek away, at least on the knit stitches. I've only been knitting that way for two weeks. As for the pink jacket, I only need to do two more increases on the sleeves (and I fear buy at least one more ball of yarn) and bring them up to 43cm long and then do the sleeve caps... and the collar... and block it all... and sew it together... argh! OK, so it will take another week. Still, that will be 3 weeks to get a jacket knitted, which is excellent going for me.

I've realised that the Bendi show woolcraft entries are due soon - just the entry form, not the items thank heavens! I am going to enter some yarn in the novice class and a hat and a skein of alpaca or something in the open classes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! The worst that happens is it gets displayed.... It seems that I need a cheque for the entry. Anyone know how much a money order costs?

Umm pictures. Umm yeah, those things. I arrive home after sunset and leave before sunrise. Soon it will be dark when I leave home. Ack. Sunset won't pull back much more now though, thank heavens!

What do you do when you don't have any new pics? You go through your archives and find these! A cute cat picture, and a picture from three years ago, of the Ovens River at Bright. I'll leave you to work out which is which ;-)



  1. Bummer about the digestive disruption. I can definitely relate and sympathize. Hopefully you'll be heading to the gym tonight!

    Very cute kitty picture. :)

  2. Icky! Feel better - you know I get that too. It's icky.

    Good shoes are important when working out - so I'd have to say it's worth it if they fit right!

    Can't wait to see your finished cardi - and 3 weeks is really good!

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon! I definitely sympathize and have been there before!

  4. Money Order - $2-50 to $3-00 I think!!
    Sorry to hear you're feeling boogelly. Hope you feel better soon so you can work out at the gym in the incredibly expensive shoes!! I'm at the same stage with the knitting - it seemed a milestone to have finished the actual knitting, but then there's all the other stuff to go!!!

  5. It must be the week for sickness,I have just succombed to the flu bug that the whole family has been fighting for weeks and I was just thinking my immunity was holding up nicely too,must have jinxed myself,a day off work and cleaning up pigstye house while at home and hopefully a camp before kids get home as I haven't slept for two nights!
    Ps money order should be $2.50 more if over $100 I think ,I gave up the cheque book ages ago so postal orders are the thing here (besides direct deposit thatis)

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon hun!


  7. Hey, take it easy. The gym will still be there and your shoes will wait.


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