Mother's Day

G'day all!

It is Mother's Day here and in the USA - England too this year?

This is for all the mums-to-be and for all the mums-who-are:

But the best of it all is for the mums-who-were. For my Mum:

and a close-up for Jillian's Mum:

and another for my non-blogger friend Cathy:

who is both Mum and Mum-less.

I love these chrissies - they are flowering just down the road. I love the obvious small flower formations in the centres - makes it really obvious that they have hundreds of individual flowers in the centre of the "flower." Why chrissies? ChrysantheMUMs are the flower of choice for Mother's Day here. They hit the peak of their flowering around now and the disbuds are so spectacular.

Treasure your Mum - you only get one. Even a good mother-in-law can't make up for a mum who will kick you in the backside and tell you to get on with it, or pick you up and take you shopping when things are tough, a mum who can embarrass you with tales of your lack of derring-do as a child...

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Beautiful chrysanths - my dad used to be secretary of the local Chrysanthemum show :-) Many hours of childhood spent helping out with posting schedules, selling raffle tickets, running around in general :-)

    Tis Mother's Day in March here in the UK, which tends to coincide with Easter-time most years, I think it's much more sensible to celebrate in May :-)

  2. Gorgeous flowers and such a lovely thought. We should definitely treasure our mums although we never appreciate what we've got til its gone.

  3. Anonymous5:15 am

    Well said. There is indeed no substitute for a mother.

    On another subject - I love that mulbery silk laceweight. Could you be persuaded to part with it?


  4. Mothers Day in the UK is celebrated on what used to be called in the Anglican Church, Mothering Sunday, which was/is the 3rd or 4th Sunday on Lent, can't remember which. BTW, what do Italian Aussies do about flowers for mothers day? - chrissies are the flower of funerals/death for Italians. Glad you had a nice mum - some of us didn't.

  5. Thank you so, so much. I am so deeply touched by your thoughtfulness! It really made my day, and makes this day more bearable. It gets a little easier every year, though, eh? And you know what? My mum loved mums!

  6. Beautiful mums, thanks for the smile.

  7. Beautiful flowers, wonderful sentiments. Hope your's was a happy day, too.

  8. Lovely flowers! Heh, I got a dud original mum, but did get a great stepmum. :)


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