Box of yumminess!

G'day all!

I promised this days and days ago now, but things here are a bit busy. I never know where my weekends have gone cos they go by in such a flash and I wonder why I haven't gotten lots of things done...

Anyway, last week, on a very opportune day (being Thursday and the day after my spaz), a box arrived in the mail.

It was Saturday before I got some pics of it (and may I say that the photographer should be shot for doing such a poor job! Some of the closeups are about as clear as some of my prose).

The box came from Mrspao (oh dear - Mrspao had to have one of her moggies put to sleep! How sad! Gosh, now I feel a bit embarrassed posting this!) and lookie what was inside!

Yummy yummy yummy stuff!

Two boxes of my favourite biscuits in the whole world! (The bourbons are nice but the custard creams are like eating pure sugar only nicer!); a little cat ornament, hand and lip stuff (smelles edible!), some toys for the cats (our cats must be retarded cos they haven't really started playing with the fake mice yet but I am sure they will get the idea eventually), some second flush tea (!!!) (I presume that means the second picking of the tips of the leaves, not something to do with flushing toilets!)

Some uncle joe's balls (I am soooo glad I don't have an uncle Joe cos I'd never be able to look at him without thinking of his ***** aglow!!)

and some most excellent "Forest Walker" curious yarns sock yarn, which I think will be brilliant for the neutrals month of Project Spectrum, since it is a bit late to start it for May (no closeup cos said photographer is incapable of taking an unblurred closeup).

I tell a lie - Nutmeg has suddenly started attacking one of the toy mice.

Now the lip stuff must be so tasty smelling that some people try eating it cos it has this warning:

Now it is pretty darned nice to smell but like I dunno that I would eat the whole pot in one sitting....

Anyway, please go send your condolences to Mrspao cos it is a sad sad thing taking your cat on that last trip to the vet.



  1. Oh, MrsPao does lovely packages, doesn't she?! How fun!! Heh, I am going to share my bag of Uncle Joe's with my SIL, who has THREE Uncle Joe's. Hee hee.

  2. What fun!! You are lucky and totally deserve it!! Good karma :)

  3. Great parcel :-) I'd offer to send you some "Fisherman's Friend" sweets but I'm not sure we're allowed to export something quite so dangerous :-D I think Uncle Joe's are probably safe :-)


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