Colour returns

G'day all!

Gosh I am good at killing a conversation, aren't I? One lot of mumblings about my father and some wedding pics and family pics and I get one comment! Ah well. We can't all be the Yarnharlot, who also had a sad Mayday. Maybe it is because I do mumble and ramble, and I have a certain attitude that non-Aussies can't quite work out. Is she serious or not? Well I am serious, but I'm not at the same time. Ooh a paradox!

I did some dyeing over the weekend. I had much fun. Ooops, I've got some stuff I dyed yesterday still in the dye pot. I started off with some top quality yummy yarn from a local mob called Andyle and tried to dye it all sorts of different purples, blues and mauves.

The colours are not quite right - hard to get blues and mauves right as far as I can tell, especially with low light levels or conversely full sun. LOL. But this 5 ply/sportweight is noice.

This 8 ply/worsted/DK is not so nice.

Randomly pouring on dyes and then steaming the skeins sorta worked in the 5 ply skein but not so well on the 8 ply - I think I might overdye the latter with a bit of black. Yep, good idea. It is back in the dyepot with a weak solution of black to tie the colours together and mute it a whole lot. If you really like the 5 ply (sportweight) yarn, let me know and maybe we can do a deal. You'll have to wait and see for the other skein - I dunno what it will turn out like but it should be exciting!

Peevish gave me two balls of this green yarn, Celery, from Bendi mills.

In a random fit of ummm randomness, I decided that I wanted to give the yarn some more oomph, so one big ball was skeined up and went into the dye pot where it was randomly sprinkled with a dark green dye.

Hey, look at that green hair! Random, just as I wanted it. More oomph and should be interesting to knit up.

Then I started experimenting with hot strike dyeing in the crock pot. It is fun. It makes interesting dilutions of colour. Pics tomorrow - don't want to overload you today!

Sknitty tagged me. This is a very short little meme, and I have to delve back into the past. My memory isn't too good on this one, so bear with me.

1. What was the first music you picked out yourself (artist and song and/or album)?

My album buying started in 1981, the year my next up sister got married. Coincidence? I can't remember which of these four was my first album:
Mondo Rock album called "Chemistry" (scroll down the page). I bet many of you don't know who they were! At the time, in the early 80s, they were a big Aussie band but I don't think they made it big O/S. I was big on Aussie rock.

Or it could've been "Men At Work" with Business as Usual

Or here's one you all should know about! Queen's Greatest Hits

Or what a classic album Check out those tracks in the big version (but it is big!)! Memories, eh?

You know the worst thing? I have not had a turntable for about 10 years and I still have all my albums, and all of my sister's albums she left at home when she moved out in 1980, including the Bay City Rollers and some really excellently tragic mid-70s compilation albums. I really need to rip them to CD cos there are some absolutely great songs on them, like Amoureuse. Egads, Olivia nuclear bomb sang it! I never knew that - I just loved it when I was little.

Sknitty bought the "Best of Blondie" and I can remember doing a LOT of aerobics to things like "Call me." There was one class that even used "Rapture." Don't ask me how :-)

2. In what format was this music (12-inch, CD, 8-track)?

12-inch album. CDs weren't even a twinkle in a techie's eye at that stage.

OK, that was not a short answer! I truly cannot remember which I bought first, though I tend to think it would've been either the Queen album, cos they are a fave band, or the compilation album cos I am a sad suck who likes compilation albums. :-)

Finally, tonight's sunset. Much too early but ahhhh.... Those little black clouds are a hint for our weather forecast, btw...



  1. I have a lot of the Celery - Quelle Suprise!! But you have really greened it up - love the ball of wool with hair!!!!

  2. you have done some gorgeous dying there! I have to get more done. I love dying yarn! Its getting the blasted balls into Skeins that bug me! lol


  3. When I bought my new surround sound thingy it had to have somewhere to plug in a turntable so that I could still play my records and of course to give the kids something to laugh at.

  4. I had that Men at Work album!

    Beautiful dying goodness!

  5. I like the celery, and the pink and blue :-)

    We got a turntable a few years ago and we finally have a decent home for it, on the new-ish sideboard in the dining room. All the LPs and 12" vinyl fit in the cupboard underneath, so sometimes we do play them ol' reords, and they sound pretty darned good.

    Wanted to say that I read your posting from yesterday carefully and interestedly (is that a word), it was hard to know what to say in a comment, at major risk of sounding trite. Just wanted you to know we were thinking of you.

  6. There must have been a few versions of "Amoureuse" recorded in the '70s. The version I have here on my compilation discs is Kiki Dee's. :)

  7. Beautiful sunset! You live in such a wonderfully colourful place, Lynne!


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