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G'day all!

Ah, what a week. Dunno where it went. Dunno where all my time is going at present - it just seems to go. It is already 20 to 11 on a Saturday night as I write this and I haven't blogged yet, haven't blogged for days!

So here's what I've been up to this week:

Yep, that's the jacket and the socks. Progress has been made! I have now finished the other front, the one on the needles in the pic, and started on a sleeve. I am vaguely contemplating doing both sleeves at once, just to get them even.

I've been talking a few pics along the way this week - I shall bore you with them tomorrow, plus then I have to do a special Mother's Day post. Australians won't be surprised by the flowers that will feature, but a lot of people from the northern hemisphere probably will be!

Here's your obligatory pussy shot.

Yep, DH trying to keep both cats on his lap. The next picture that I haven't blogged shows the Nut making a grand escape, but it isn't very interesting and is a bit blurry cos I was laughing as I took the shot.

Plus a shot of a cormorant or shag drying its feathers whilst sitting on a litter trap on the Yarra. The larger shot shows some good detail of the feathers.

I saw a physio today because ever since we moved I've had lots of problems with my left forearm. He asked if I had seen a doctor. Of course I hadn't, mainly cos the doctors usually ask for x-rays or expensivos ultrasounds and then tell me there is nothing wrong with it, go home and stop whinging, oh and get some anti-inflammatories. So the physio pokes and prods and makes tears squeeze out of my eyes, then tells me I have tennis elbow! I have not picked up a tennis racquet in years. (You shoulda seen how good I was at serving the ball right over the safety net around the courts!) Then he does some deep massage on it, tells me it will probably bruise up nicely and here have this brace - it will help. Well the brace does help, except I can't wear long sleeves with it (a minor inconvenience since the weather has decided to be winter, not just normal May weather). Don't do stuff that aggravates it, he tells me. Well knitting with the brace on doesn't aggravate it, so that is good. Knitting without the brace on does annoy it, but so does everything at the moment. And it has bruised up - the whole area is tender to touch. Oooucha, oucha!

Now the good news from the physio is that I can go do some exercise as long as I don't hang onto anything but the lightest of weights. Yep, I gotta get me in shape for my mumblieth. I have less than six months to go. I have been arguing with myself - $80 a month plus joining fee to go to a gym in the city, conveniently located to work so I could do a workout at lunchtime, or $40 a month for the local uni gym, where I'd have to go at night but then could see friends. The city gym would be a 12 month membership, the local uni gym is four months of direct debit to get the $40 amount then month by month (or $45 a month). I don't know that I can cough up over a thousand smackeroos for a year's membership that I might not use - the local gym is sounding much more reasonable.

Finally, I managed to get off my butt and get the last bits together for some parcels I have been meaning to send. Hooray! One is pretty much packed in this shot, the other is yet to be packed.

I think they both contained some of these:

Yep, stitchmarkers. More stitchmarkers. I have a box of beads and keep accumulating more. No surprised for the two ladies getting the parcels! Not in the stitchmarker line anyway. I bought some more little jump rings today so I can make up gazillions (or should that be brazilians?) more stitchmarkers. Or a bit over a hundred anyway.

That's yer bloomin lot for today!



  1. Lovely stitch markers!

  2. Lucky recipients ... those are certainly beautiful markers. Your knitting is wonderful also!

  3. Wow - your cardigan is so close to fini!! I love the color.

    Did knitting give you the tennis elbow in the first place?? Either way, it sounds very ouchy and I'm terribly sorry to hear about it!

    Good luck with the gym-ing. Boy that's a hard habit to start. I know you'll do great!

    Cutie DH and kitty pics!

  4. Sorry about the elbow - hope it's feeling better soon! Lovely knits, kitty's and photo's!!!

  5. Hey I recognize those socks! I loved making mine. The cardigan is wonderful. the good news about your elbow? It does get better; I had tennis elbow about 6 years ago (it is so horrible and painful) and now - touch wood - I have no problems at all (it was gone after about 8 weeks). The markers are gorgeous - but I am happy recipient of these beauties so I must be biased!

  6. Very nice socks and cardi!! Sorry to hear about your tennis elbow - hope it's feeling better by now!! Bet you're glad it's not Housemaid's Knee!!!

  7. Cardi is going to look great! Socks looking good. LOVE the stitch markers.

    Need you to email me your bank details too with total cos for that yarn ;) including postage.

    bummer about your elbow.

    Local gym sounds better..I prefer going with friends then alone


  8. Bummer about your elbow. Glad the brace helps, but BRRRRRRRRR...

  9. I love the photo of the cormorant - they must be huge!

    Ohh your pixie has gone all Aussie: dagic.


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