No (new) pics :-(

G'day all!

Well it is official. I now leave home before the sun rises and after the sun sets (though I did my best to get home by 5 tonight but no dice - some dude on the train got sick and delayed it by like AGES and I had to swap trains. At least they got sick at the multiline interchange station, not one of the little tinpot stations. DOOOODE don't get sick on my train! Cos then it has to wait for the ambos....).

(Ambos = ambulance)

So no pics cos it isn't light enough when I am home and my only indoor light that is bright enough to get reasonable shots by is small. Why not use the flash, I hear you ask? Well the flash on DH's camera (not mine any longer - it is technically his, though I take 95% of all pics taken on it these days) doesn't care if you are doing a macro shot, which makes for all sorts of fun with tissue paper over the flash, etc. Otherwise you end up with black yarn that looks washed out grey and all the colours wash out. Boring!

Wonder if Sknitty's new camera isn't so excitable when doing macros with the flash on? Must start researching cameras. It needs both a good macro and a good zoom, plus good colour reproduction on landscapes (we don't take many pics of kiddies and parties and whatnot but we do take lots of pics of plants and knitting and yarn and landscapes and sunsets and stuff). nathan wants to get a digital SLR this time around - I just want a good optical zoom and a good macro and a flash that doesn't wash macro functions right out.

Now there has been knitting, but you can't see the evidence. I've turned the heels on both of the Elfines (if you can call a short row heel "turning") thanks to the Sick Dude on the Train (see there is something good to come out of someone collapsing on the train! I got the second heel turned!). I am nearly to the elbow on the two sleeves of the pink jacket. My combination knitting is coming along nicely if a bit wonky on occasion - the tension gos a bit nuts cos the yarn gets caught sometimes cos I am not used to having it on my left rather than my right, so I forget to clear a path on my left, or I set the yarn up on the right. Hmm, I only have three balls of the pink Jet left and I still need to do the rest of the sleeves and also do the collar. I bought a ball of contrasting but complimentary colour Jet the other day - maybe I'll do the collar in that to brighten things up. :-)

It has been a marvellous day here - 18 degrees (celcius!) and sunny and gorgeous and I thought I would fry in the sun at lunchtime - hafta make my vitamin D! It has been gloomy for ages here it seems and a day of sun really has brightened things up. By the looks of the forecast, it will be yucky again for the weekend

Since I didn't post any pics of the sunsets we had in the last couple of weeks, I will now bore you with sunset from the 7th of May!

And best of all, an early shot:

Finally, I want to join the Trek-along but it is really hard when you don't have any Trekking yarn (well I do but it is the leftovers from the socks I made last year) and you can't get it without ordering it from overseas and your budget for yarn is being saved up for the handkitter's guild day in June and the Bendi show in two months. Yep, you can take that as a grovel - anyone got any yarn they want to swap or something?

(Oh, Jill, the silk is yours if we can find a good arrangement, and Katt, I've been slack and haven't sent yours yet, and Mrs Pao, the cormorant is about a foot long in the body and head without the neck extended, not including the tail)



  1. If you want some Trekking, let's talk. I bet we can figure something out. :D I do love buying yarn, even if I don't get to keep it!

  2. That's a really splendid sunset!

  3. California winters are like that too - no daylight on workdays!

    I imagine I will soon have the opportunity to take some indoor flash pictures to see how it behaves. More than the flash problem is the longer shutter speed needed in low light conditions. Nate's given me to understand that because the shutter is open longer, this is why it is so sensitive to shakes. Hence the stabilization will help with that. Many of the new, but not all, digicams have it. Otherwise, I'll have to see if it lives up to its promises!

  4. The last sunset photo is stunning.

    Interesting re your daytime temp. today, I'm not sure it reached that here and it's meant to be late Spring, early Summer :-D You have to laugh at the British weather. Or you'd cry :-D


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