Gosh *Blush*

G'day all!

Gosh you've all been so nice to me! I feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for your comments and concern. Something will work itself out, I am pretty sure. I've got some good ideas from you :-)

It is interesting seeing how I regain balance, even if I am a little lower in the water than I was. Things that help me are crafting, music and getting outside, even if outside means walking from the station to work via the Yarra path.

These two little cormorants were duckdiving for fish as I walked to work today from the station. A third one popped up but I couldn't get a shot of all three of them.

Remember the knitting? Remember the pink jacket I was knitting?

I give you:


(Wiggly butt shot, blurred cos it was sunset when the pics were taken)(Is my hair really that pale? Or is it washed out by the bluish sunset light?)

Knitted in three weeks (yarn bought on the 5 May, started knitting at a social thing that night - I don't care if people think it is rude, they get together to eat food I can't and eating in front of others is rude, yes? And they don't care anyway.). This is a quick and easy knit cos I was not able to knit every night or much on the weekends (too busy chopping shrubs down and taking them to the transfer station), plus I learned how to do combined knitting (and boy it is much easier than throwing for patterns involving rib, like this one).

I think I am happy with it, even if I have to fix up the collar a bit.

Nutmeg found a warm place to sleep in my box of WIPS that need to be wiped out... I am such a bad wipeout participant cos I am focussing on not adding to the pile of wips rather than getting rid of some old ones.

Finally, another sunset picture - I love sunset pictures. I am sure you can tell. A good sunset is a nice pick me up.

Again, thank you for your caring - I feel all googly inside :-)



  1. So cute!!! It fits perfectly and the color is so very flattering on you! I hope you get to wear it plenty before winter kicks in. And quick too! Congrats on learning combo knitting. That may be my next hurdle, not that I've switched to continental!

    Is your hair longer?

    Those cormorants are adorable. It's so nice that you have the Yarra so near you at work. I imagine it would be relaxing.

  2. the sweater is adorable! and the color looks great on you :)

  3. The pink jacket is lovely, and a very flattering fit!

    Glad you are feeling brighter :-)

    It must be good to be able to walk by the river on your way to work. All the water fowl and the lovely views to lift your spirits.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! The sweater, the hair, the birds, the sunsets and you!!

  5. Good Morning ,glad your feeling better!
    That pink jacket is gorgeous!,I have been waiting to see the end result and its a great success,not only does it fit well ,it reaaly suits you,now I am going to check your old blog post to find the pattern name ...as I want one toooooooo.....

  6. It looks great! Yay, you!! And fun to actually see what you look like, natch. :)

    I totally understand about the food thing...

  7. You're so sweet! I love the jacket on you - it is so cute.

  8. Googly is much better than boogelly!! Love the Pink Jacket - very nice indeed!!!2

  9. The jacket looks great! It fits like a dream and the colour is perfect on you! Too bad your cat can't knit while he is in there laying on those WIP's!

  10. The pink sweater looks great! Glad you are feeling better.


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