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G'day all!

Woman dangles sock over river, (knitblog) community shocked

A member of the knitblogging community was seen on Friday dangling her newly-completed sock over the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia. Black-clad passersby rushed past, hurrying on their way to work, ignoring the plight of the innocent sock. Said knitblogger recovered her senses and put the sock away in her bag. When interviewed, knitblogger said, "I was trying to show sock a Good Time and the river, just like Steph shows off her socks." No charges have been laid despite a remarkable lack of sense being shown..

I won't run the alternative headline.

In other breaking news, said knitblogger followed up her vicious attack on the poor newly completed sock with another attack on some innocent sock yarn. In the words of the knitblogger:

"On Thursday one of my friends gave me a skein of self-striping sock yarn. She had two skeins of it. On the screen of the online shop it looked like a strawberries and cream mix, in person, well below is a fairly accurate picture - yellow, flesh-pink and salmony darker pink/red. She was a bit disappointed.

"I was given the skein with the proviso that I give my friend some nicely dyed sock yarn.

"Now I didn't particularly like the yarn either, but I thought I could possibly overdye it. So I gave it a whirl.

"I even did a test run:

"One in a pink food dye solution, one in an emerald green food dye solution.

"I hope you like the emerald one, cos even though I am not a green and brown girl, I liked the effect more."

So the evil vicious knitblogger attacked that poor skein of yarn with the Proddy Chopstick of Doom

and she did drown it in a solution of green food dye and vinegar

until it was all covered over

and all green and brown.

Knitblogger one, yucky sock yarn now nice sock yarn one. A win for all parties!

In other, older news, I had a little incident on Thursday night after a very pleasant night sewing up the jacket at our weekly craft night. I found out that my jacket was warm before I even wore it to work.

Mental note for self - unlocking the security door on the back door does not take it off the snib. Mental note for Nathan - change the lock on the front door.

(Can you tell where this is leading?)

So I get home at 10 to 10. I'm all ready to check my email and go to bed. I've had a good evening with good friends and I've finished the jacket and it looks good and all is well with the world.

Except I am locked out of the house. I had left the old keys, with the key to the security door, in my backpack, which is inside the house. I only have the key to the door that is on the other side of the security door.

I'm locked out and it is about 10 degrees C. At least it is calm and still, and heading for a frost, rather than blowing a gale and raining.

Nathan usually comes home by 10:15 at the very latest, so after working out that he is not inside asleep, or inside working, and that he probably is not home, and that there are no windows I can lever open enough to get into the house through, I settle down on the cold concrete front steps and pull out the elfine that is nearly done (the one in the pic at the top of the breaking news). I draped the jacket on my head and over my shoulders (and gosh wasn't it toasty!) and got cracking on the last row of pattern (in the half light of the street light - it normally seems very bright but I can tell you it isn't when you actually need to see detail). Then I started on the ribbing. One by one ribbing, cos it would work better with the pattern. Also it is easy to do in poor light

At 10:15, nathan wasn't home and I was starting to contemplate a night perched on the small and hard back seat of my car. My car is very nice and very good and does all that I ask him to do but his back seat is probably only about 1.3m wide and I am a wee tad taller than that. The Yarn Harlot I am not. Also, it was cold and I could not fold myself up small enough to fit under the pink jacket. My right index finger was going numb from throwing the yarn, out in the cold night air all by itself. I had done a few rounds of rib by now.

At 10:35, I drove off to see if a friend's mum was still awake. She is literally about 150m down the road, but I drove just in case she wasn't there and I had to go down the shops to find a phone (no, I refuse to have a mobile phone).

*phew* she was home and awake and available to visitors. I rang Nathan at Monash - he had gone there to pick something up two and a half hours earlier, and got caught up with finishing the paper again.

So I eventually disentangled myself from the family photo viewing - Nan was there and being shown the family memories album she is going to get when it is finished - and got home to find Nathan
was home. 11pm.

At least I know the jacket is warm. 8-)

Still to come:
Knitblogger receives yummy yummy parcel.



  1. You sock taunter!!! I dread to think what would have happened if you'd dropped it!!!
    Glad you were able to get in eventually!! I have spare keys everywhere and at everyone's house because once - I was locked out and The Labradors who were very young, were inside Home Alone. I broke a window!!!! Good news on the Pink Cardi's warmth though!!!

  2. LOL that was nothing if not an eventful evening! Nice work on the sock yarn too.

    One day either you or the Yarn Harlot are going to end up explaining what you are up to with part-knitted socks to a very bemused polis :-D

  3. You are cracking me up over here! Your Elfine is lovely and your overdyed turned out so well too! I hope you are inside and all warm and toasty (jacket or not) now!

    And yummy parcels??? Do tell.

  4. Whew! Glad we weren't reading a sad tale over at Peeve's of you being found a frozen popsicle on your step. :)

    Congrats on the sock yarn recovery, too! And glad that the police didn't have to drag the river for the body of the sock...

  5. If it had been me locked out - the knitting, jacket and car keys would have also been locked inside as well.

    You do know how to show a sock a good time though :)

  6. Would you have jumped in after the poor sock had you dropped it?

    Love the dyed reborn sock yarn,haven't had time this week/weekend to do anything much,too tired after chasing kids for not doing their jobs!
    Did practise my new spindle last night...............

  7. Those socks look great, I just hope you taught them to swim, just in case.........

    I love the over dye job, definately a great yarn save.

  8. oooooh who would have thunk that over dying wool with one colour would make it look lovely.. very nice job..

    Elfine looks great...

    bummer about shutting yourself least for us our landlord is only 3 houses up from us.



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