G'day all!

I had a little oops yesterday. Y'see I tested some of that cheap wool I bought and found it fulls like a champion! All I did was get some hot water and some soap and rubbed it like billy-o against the scrubbing board built into the laundry trough. Within five minutes it was all matted together. Ha ha!

So we went back to scroatfight and bought ALL of the remaining stock. I am such a greedy pig!

Ahem. There's at least 15 balls of each colour in that pile plus some fancy yarns that I couldn't resist... Nathan likes the two greens and wants something patterned made out of them.


And now I am told Kmart has a yarn sale on - between 25 to 50% off yarn, including my current favourite, Jet. Argh! How can I get to Kmart this week? How can my budget stand it? Will I get my yarn and stitchmarker page set up this week to offset some of my mounting yarn bill?

I bought some lovely fine silk from Marta - I intend to dye it and cut it up and blend it into fleece and spin it up. When I say fine silk, I mean hair thin (not baby fine but certainly hair thin). Here's the first one I dyed.

Typical me colours.

In my dyeing party of ONE yesterday I also dyed some sock yarn into stripes.

There's three or four rounds of each colour per repeat. Also me colours.

Now if anyone covets that sock yarn, it will cost ya! It is proper good Aussie sock yarn, a wool/nylon mix, should wear like iron. Of course you'll have to pay and fight me for it, but then again I can always dye up more, assuming I have more sock yarn that is. :-) Also at the moment it wouldn't be hard to beat me up and run away with my yarn cos after a weekend of moving bits of tree around and shovelling mulch, I reckon I am around about a hundred (but I still went to the cardio room and did 30 minutes on different bits of equipment and got to see THREE people I know on the telly! Three! Cool! They were on a program called "No Limits" and this links to tonight's ep, two as guests and one as the host. OK so I'm a bit behind sinc ehtis is ep 80 but better late than never!).

Far out. Katt, I STILL haven't mailed the yarn but at least I have a mailbag for it. I just have to dig up your address.

OK, got some more pics for tomorrow, assuming I find time to blog....



  1. Oh, that silk looks YUMMY. Heh, if my dyeing attempts for my dye buddy hadn't turned out pretty well, that sock yarn would've been perfect!

    Wow, Kmart there has yarn? I know it used to here (30 years ago used to), but sure doesn't anymore.

  2. What a haul! Your new dyed yarn is beautiful.

  3. Full speed fulling ahead (sorry - couldn't resist the bad pun)!

    Your dyes this weekend are so bright and fun! Only you!

    You are smokin' on the wrokouts! Good for you!

  4. LOL..looking at your gorgeous sock yarn there reminded me of the wool I am getting from you too!! You still have to email me the bank details so I can pay you for it....Wait..Or have I paid you? I dont think I have...


  5. GOOD GRIEF LOL!!! I love that yarn pile you brought home. I particularly like the green. I say get yarn while it is dirt-cheap!


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