Say goodbye my lovelies aka the last dance

G'day all!

Thanks for all your well wishes - the old gut is settling down a bit now I think. It's knocked me around a bit (I could've killed for a good nap or a sleep in today).

Well I've been doing two socks on one circ until today. Then I suddenly realised a problem. The pattern on the Elfine's on the cuff means that I have to swap stitches from one needle to the other. The stitches travel a bit. I can't swap stitches from needle to needle on the middle stitches where there are no two needle ends (this isn't making much sense, but trust me that the addis have a very strong cord and I can't make it disappear to get the stitches off and onto the other needle and using another holding needle seems dumb).

So say goodbye to each other my lovelies! Ne'er again will ye snuggle toge'er on the needle!

Here they are on my desk at work, the only place I can get daylight shots of my knitting now unless it is the weekend and the weather is ok. Enjoy your last dance together socks! You'll have to wait until you are finished before you dance together again.

Now I have cruelly ripped them apart onto separate circs. O! Woe! Alas!

Here's the reason why I am not getting daylight shots. I was a bit late getting to the station today and look what happened:

yep, the sun rose as I waited for a train.

Then this happened whilst I was trying to get home:

Umm, that would be sunset then. We are getting some really grand susnet when there are breaks in the clouds. Sorta makes up for the days when it is nasty and grey (yep it really does rain in the land of Neighbours).



  1. Well, it looks like the socks had grand run before being so cruelly separated! :)

    As it grows darker there, it grows lighter here... altho we have had lots of clouds and rain recently.

  2. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. Those sunsets are amazing! The colours are incredible.

    I love the socks - they look fantastic.

    Thank you for making my day!

  3. The sockies will be reunited soon - on your feet! They are so pretty!

    Amazing sunset pictures.

  4. Glad you are feeling better! If it's any consolation weather-wise, today's British weather report is, blustery wind and grey clouds. My poor hanging baskets are getting battered and were drying out.

  5. Ah! Now I get it. I wasn't very quick on the uptake last night when you were explaining about the socks, but now it makes perfect sense.

    Pretty sunsets. That's got to make up for the early starts. A bit, anyway.

  6. Hmmm thats winter for you - Leave to go to work in Darkness - come home in Darkness - I miss Daylight savings

  7. I'll take your word for it on the needles/pattern thing! lol

    They look great too the socks! Cant wait to see them finished


  8. I haven't tried doing the two needle thingy yet,I think it looks too fiddly,
    I had my first sleep in this morning(H is on day shift) and have had the flu for four days,no sleep wednesday and thursday night and had to get out 5.30 friday to drive son to work as it was raining and had to fend H(no D in it this week) off the whole time.He only cooked tea once(it was indesribable) but he did drop off/ pick up the younger boys from school.THEN he took a sicky Friday(too much whiskey night before),as I was going to Kal for Medical appointments he came too and he was worse than kids together!!!!!

    There, I feel better now,mucho better and I know he won't read this.......

  9. Ps Glad to hear you feeling better, so am I and I am off to do some spinning!!!!!


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