Best laid plans

G'day all!

Today the weather forecast was not too good. Rain and showers and hail and strong winds.

I thought it would be a perfect day to curl up on the couch and knit this new pink jacket.

Well I haven't even bothered taking a progress shot cos I am only about 16 rows into the back. LOL Instead I helped Nathan build his greenhouse, out in the cold and occasionally wet. And dyed some more yarn. And made a yummy dinner (Nathan added the flavouring and made it extra YUMMY!). And now I fear I may have a cold cos I feel pretty ratty and my nose keeps dripping.

So I'll keep it short and sweet and show off some yarn that has been all balled up (but not ballsed up!). I had to hand wind the last bit cos it is too big for my ballwinder. This is the mauve and blue and pink yarn I showed off last week. It is so pretty I almost want to keep it for myself....

Side view.

Top view.

There's a bit over 200g of yarn, 8 ply/DK/worsted weight. I might just go and look at it for a while. Ohhhh.... I made prettiness!

Oh btw, Jillian, Patons here is not the same as Patons anywhere else. Patons Oz designed the pattern (book) and I doubt if you could get it in the USA (even though another Oz brand Cleckheaton is effectively the same as Patons (it is spun by the same mill and owned by the same people) and Cleckheaton is distributed in the USA by Plymouth). However, there are nice people in the world (ie MOI!) who would buy the book for you and send it over.

Back to sitting on the couch, which I have managed for about an hour this evening in between doing dinner stuff and painting part of a wall, trying to get clothes and recently dyed yarn dry, etc, etc. I have a full week of work ahead. Blah. I need a holiday, or at least some time to catch up on everything that is running out of control.

Or maybe I will just sit here and scratch the cat's ear, like the earwaxy part with my knuckle - she keeps shoving her ear onto my knuckle. Yuck. Bad enough one's own stinky ear wax. It doesn't look like she has earmites or anything though. Nope, we've moved to scratching under the arm - she even lifted up her front paw to make it easier for me.



  1. Pretty pretty yarn.
    Reminds me of lilac bushes in bloom.

  2. That's your prettiest colorway yet!! But I am biased, cause you know I loves me some purple :)

    Aha - I didn't even know it was Paton's. Interesting that there are 2 different "arms". You are uber-sweet to offer to get that for me! I have so many pattern books now, and projects in queue I almost don't know when I'll get to them! But that is such a pretty piece...isn't pattern lust a biatch? Tell you what, I'll look that up on the internets to see the rest of the patterns, and maybe we could do a swap? Koigu?? Is there anything else that isn't available in OZ you'd love to have??

  3. I am berry berry interested in that yarn you have pictured! Do you have any takers for it? If not then could you contact me about it? With price suggestions and all.

    Hope you dont have a cold too. That would be horrid.


  4. Prettiness! I dyed some that was inadvertantly colored like that this weekend.

    Hope you wake up/woke up feeling better.

  5. Thanks for the compliments on the bags - did you want one? I do international swaps!

  6. Lovely colours....really really nice!

  7. You seriously dye the best yarn!


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