nooo, not another WIP!

G'day all!

You know that I've started on a pair of Elfines...

Two repeats down! Gosh at this rate I'll have them done by Christmas! LOL. I should not be too harsh on myself cos I am knitting them almost as fast as my usual one at a time socks - I would be four repeats into a lonely sock. Instead they are friends and are getting knitted at the same time. Ohhhh. They are my train knitting, so there won't be further progress until next week most likely.

Yesterday I had an accident at Clegs, and bought me some of this (shade 808)to make this with (if it doesn't show the jacket I am making, it is the one on the top row, 2nd from the right).

Just to make it a bit more tricky, I am knitting it by using a yarn in the left hand method. I've been thinking I should try continental knitting again (I use it for knitting things that are on big needles, anything above about a 7mm needle cos even with monster hands (ok bloke sized hands) I find throwing around a larger needle difficult. Scooping is much easier than throwing on large needles.

Anyway, I thought maybe I should swap to using a combined method.

Hehehehehe. When I looked at Annie Modesitt's site, what do I find? What I thought was continental is actually combined!

I did this much last night:

It's a bit wonky in the first few reps - that is why I chose a patterned piece cos it can cover up the wonkiness to a good extent. My tension and whathaveyou is evening up nicely now.

I am now most of the way up the right front. Of course by knitting a front (as a practice item to see if the method and I got along) I now realise I've made a bit of a booboo cos the pattern says "knit until the armhole is the same size as for the back." Yep that would be the back that is still balls of yarn in the bag. Now admittedly I did think I was knitting a sleeve when I started but I misread the instructions and knitted 14cm of the pattern instead of 14 rows, oops.

It is a quick knit, or so far has been. I hope I can get a fair whack done tomorrow. The forecast is fairly average, snowfalls down to 700m, strong winds, hail, rain, that sort of stuff. At least we had a nice day today, as evidenced by the cats lapping up the sunshine:

(note that Nutmeg's whiskers are short and stumpy on one side - we believe the above evil Cheshire cat chewed them off! She finds Nutmeg's eyebrows and whiskers offensive for some reason. Oh and don't look too closely at Cheshire - we think she had a massive catfight and got rolled in some mud on Friday cos she was all mud on one quarter - I thought she had been hit by a car but a cat that has been hit by a car doesn't have chewed on ears, scratches from claws, an awful mess under her chin and doesn't eat like a horse. We still haven't gotten rid of the rest of the mud and muck off her cos she is a bit tender.)

Hmm, I just looked around the auspinners website (they make Patons, Cleckheaton (often sold under the plymouth brand in the US), Shepherd and Panda yarns) and discovered that there is a new baby knits book out with a model baby that has to be a little brother or sister of one in a book published a couple of years ago - it has the same look of "oh boy, my favourite!" on its face. LOL In every photo, the child is looking a bit gobsmacked and amazed but sorta pleased.

Oh, btw, for those wondering "dicky" means silly or daggy (hmm, daggy might not be a good word cos it means dicky or silly) when used by Aussies.

And send good thoughts for my medico friend, D, whose friend and colleague died in their hospital even with D's and her colleagues' magic fingers doing their best. So sad.

Tomorrow, I will show you some pics of recent ballwindings.



  1. Those socks are going to be fantastic! I really love the pattern and the color.

    Hope your kitty feels better soon!

  2. ooh, i like that cardi! it's going to look really good. love for the kitties!

  3. Beautiful yarn for those sockies! And good for you for trying combined...when I switched to continental, it was much faster! You're making incredible progress right out of the chute!

    I love that cardigan pattern!! What mag / designer is it from?

    Hope Nutmeg is feeling better, even sans whiskers.

  4. Like the jacket, great colour!

    Hope Cheshire is feeling better (and cleaner!) now.

  5. Heh, I knit in an assortment of ways, depending. I knit Eastern uncrossed sometimes, knit continental and purl English sometimes, knit continental and purl Norwegian sometimes... And I'm told there's Finnish purling, which I must investigate, too.

    Sorry to hear about your friend's colleague. :(

  6. Poor Cheshire. Poor Nutmeg. I think they need some wool to play with :)


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