Feeling a little traumatised

G'day all!

Well well well... I am feeling a bit battered! I haven't visited some of my favourite blogs for a while, some only days, some weeks....

So I hop over to One Crazy Fibre Lady and discover that she lost her job! Argh! Bad news! But good news? Already she has a temping job and at least two interviews lined up.

I look around other places, find a few people are feeling down. Hope they feel happier soon! I hope I get over this stupid cold thing too - I had to come home early today cos I was not making any sense.

Then I hop off to the Etherknitter, only to find her husband had a bad skiing accident and has a awful fracture of the tibia.

I thought, "I'll visit Vicki cos she is always nice to visit." ARGH! Her brother was in an horrific car accident nearly a month ago and had brain trauma, multiple fractures to his spine including a unstable one at C7, broken ribs.... Lord knows how he survived! And he even seems to be doing OK now. He can move things and talk (if not keep a civil tongue in the way his mother would like - LOL).

Thank heavens for little fripperies like this - a red sweater tree. And whilst you're there, check out craftoholic's previous post - her mermaid mitts are gorgeous!

I also have a few knits that feel traumatised.

Two years ago, I had the mad idea of knitting up some Sirdar Funky Fur into a hooded jacket for me. Oh it is lovely yarn, fluffy and soft and you know that I don't mind knitting with fake fur. It was going to be marvellous. It was going to run from a deep purple/blue (with tufts of magenta) through purple/magenta to a hot magenta/pinky/red with purple tufts. Totally gorgeous to a colour nut like me. It felt fabulous.

Then reality bit when I saw how BIG people become when they wear fake fur. Now I ain't fat but i ain't skinny either, and a puffy fluffy jacket, no matter how gorgeous the colours, was going to tip me over the edge.

So this:

became these:

Dunno if that is a very good WIP wipe out. But it is certainly wiped out!

Does anyone remember my picovoli? It had what I believe is a common problem - the neck was floppy prolly cos I don't like wearing things just off the shoulder (I don't like strapless bras - prefer to go au naturel rather than wear one and I really should wear one cos the old front porch is making a dash to a lower altitude). I tried putting the organza ribbon around the neck and it did work but the tee was just wrong somehow.

So here it is now:

Should I make Soleil instead? BTW, the yarn is from the one dyelot (though it has little spots of what looks like oil from the spinning process on it) - it is Knitpicks Shine sent via a lovely blogger.

So that is two from two of my UFOs. How many more will I rip? Will I tie in about a thousand ends on unfinished scarves? Will I finish off two wraps that are on the needles at this moment?

I have a hankering to do more dyeing. I will need more sock yarn soon. Wonder if Paton's will sell me a whole heap of their Patonyle, or whether I need an ABN (effectively a company tax number) to buy from them. I reckon asking the LYS to get me 50 balls of white or cream yarn will stress them out somewhat and cost me a bomb....

Finally, little aliens are likely to pop up in our back yard in three or so months time. They will look something like these, only not quite the same. I'll take pics when we get flowers.



  1. I'm also interested in obtaining cream/white Patonyle and I do actually have an ABN (nothing to do with yarn, I got it some years ago for something else but I think you can continue to use them). Maybe we could collaborate? Let me know.

  2. Oh, yeah, there's been a lot of sad things happening to bloggers recently... Thanks for sharing the link to the red sweater tree and the mermaid mitts - gorgeous and cheering.

    Congrats on wiping out several of your WIPs! :)

  3. Soleil was on my List of Things to Make and Do for this summer, but didn't happen (like most of my life...) because I will have to re-engineer it to include bust darts, and exclude the waist shaping - I don't have a waist, and leaving out that shaping is easy, but one of these daze, I must sit down and work out how to do bust darts in the round - should be relatively straightforward, but socks are easier just now, LOL.

  4. Wow! I love the red sweater tree - it is really excellent! Thank you for stopping by :)

  5. Wiping out the WIPs is a great way to destress! Don't you feel like a load has been lifted?

    There have been many sad happenings lately! I didn't realize it until I saw them talked about all together.

    Here's to a happier Spring!


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