G'day all!

It is Monday again. In honour of Moanday, I wrote a little bit of filk to the Mamas and the Papas "Monday Monday."
"Monday moanday, so rotten to me.
Monday moanday, I know how rotten you'll be!
But Moanday evening, moanday evening just you wait and see....
Moanday evening is my brain still with me?"

Can you tell someone got out of bed on the wrong side today? (Fairly impressive considering the wrong side involves a large, inert husband and an even larger and more inert wall).

The weekend was a disaster zone. I got about an umpteenth of what I wanted to get done. I did get lots of washing done and we do have our new mattress on the old futon base at last (thanks to 12 new slats to help support the pocket springs of the mattress) but all my knitting was ho-hum and after nearly finishing this stupid hat, I realised it was too tight for me and I am NOT giving a hat to someone else after I've spent 12 hours knitting and ripping it. Well I am not giving it away unless I turn out to be allergic to the angora in it. Am I scabby or what?

Last night I finally did get some good knitting done. Unlike Other People who have already finished at least the first if not the second sock....

Yesterday evening I was going to blog and bemoan my lack of knitting over the weekend. But I got a bee in my bonnet all of a sudden and knitted half of a red scarf (for Project Spectrum, and it is using up some stash!) and another inch or so of the Cedar Creek sock. Now I don't feel so
bad about not having even reached the heel. Pictures? Umm, well it was the first dull day in Melbourne for two weeks and I didn't get any shots of my knitting. Very sad!

I have plans for Project Spectrum. I want to knit any projects out of my stash - I've got plenty of stash and need motivation to use it. I want to use it, I just don't know what to do with most of it. So I thought if I make one thing for me, one thing to sell and one thing to give away to
a charity each month from my stash I'll be doing OK. Except I don't like wearing orange, so the orange and red socks in the yarn I got from Jessie will have to do for my own orange article.

Plus I have to actually do my WIP Wipeouts - I don't know that frogging two tops really is wiping out wips, but at least they are not hanging over my head any longer. Instead, I have a bag of scarves to tie the ends in on (and this is where novelty yarns come into their own cos the ends
can just be knotted and clipped off and noone will ever know!) and some little baggies that need to be made up and if I ever find them again, two felted bags that need handles, plus a whole lot of other stuff I am sure. Like a top that I only recently found the pattern for, a top I started
knitting no later than january 1998.

The Comm games are over and I am sure that anyone from overseas watching the closing ceremony would be totally bemused, but I was amused! We are amused! It was parochial as all getout. Parochially Melbourne. And boy didn't we love the line, "If you've been to Melbourne, why bother with Sydney?" from Dame Edna Everage. Y'see we Melburnians love our town, love the crankiness of the weather (but after 10 days of almost perfect weather we can't complain)(but we will complain and it gives us stuff to talk about), and the restaurants and the nightlife and the parks and the arts and the sport and all the facilities that a 3 million people and most sports-mad city in Australia can offer.

Ok, time to go watch Desperate Housewives and spin a bit and then commander in chief, see if it amuses me any.



  1. Heh, as I start my Moanday, you're in bed after finishing yours, ready to head into Tuesday! Now I have that song going through my head...

    Very organized sounding re: Project Spectrum!


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