Ack! Stash flashing is on Saturday?

G'day all!

Argh! No! I have to get pics of all my yarn for Saturday. I think there will be pics of much yarn in boxes cos I have nowhere to spread it all out. Argh! Must make sure the spare batteries are charged for the camera! Ack!

Panic! Panic! Panic all over the place! Panic (whoo!) panic (whoo!) wipe that smile off your face...
Who sang that?

Who needs random Wednesdays when you can have random any days of the week? Maybe that is why I have a blog commentership of a few (you guys rock!) rather than 20 or 50 or 450. Not that I could deal with lots of people commenting, let's face it - I cannot keep up with half a dozen! That is part of the joy of being a stressed infp.

I started on one of my WIPs tonight. Two months ago, before I got sucked into sock island, I was knitting a seaside shawl, as I call it - a feather and fan triangular shawl that I made up as I went along in colours like stirred up seawater. Well it is almost big enough to be cast off now, but I am adding a row of starfish or maybe scallops or something on it - not sure yet cos I've only done one setup row of eyelets. Yes, I am treading in dangerous territory not having a real idea but I figure if worst comes to worst, I make some eyelets and then cast off and pretend it is meant to be like that.

Must get organised. Still getting over this stupid virus. TWO WEEKS now! I still don't have much energy, I get dizzy spells cos my ears are still half clagged, I am half deaf for the same reason, I refuse to get antibiotics cos there are so few I can have that don't give me allergies that I want to save them for when I am really crook. It is all so terrible! I might just have to go and attack a cat and snuggle it for a moment as she tries to get away from me.

Oh and Chris? Kellie showed me her Burts Bees lemon cuticle balm. Mm-mmm! It smells so yummy! I can't deal with perfumes and stuff but I love lemon scented stuff (and I bought something for you but didn't send it cos I thought it might be too strong and now am kicking myself).

Umm, I guess people come here to look at pictures of knitting and stuff. Ooops. Sorry. I'll be flashing my stash on Saturday though so I hope that helps... (but I am not on the list of participants even though i am sure I sent the email....)



  1. Oh, I know what you mean about smells - right now, I can wear DKNY Be Delicious - it's doesn't trigger a headache at all. And I've found this wonderful hand "lotion" from - it's s solid block of the most wonderful smelling concoction for your hands, or whatever other body part you need to unscale - you warm it up in your hands then rub it around like a bar of soap - and it is so moisturizing. Smells like almonds, honey, just natural good smells - and I think that's the key - my perfum smells like apples so I think that's why it doesn't bother me. So saturday is stash flashing day - oh boy - I can't even get through my room to take a picture.

  2. Oh dear, I've created a demand for Burt's Bees Cuticle Balm in Australia... Yeah, I can't deal with most secented stuff either, but lemon and almond are usually ok. (Oh, the Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme - did Kellie tell you with my fascination how yummy that smells? Makes a girl want to chew on her own hands.)

    Heh, my stash flash pictures each of about 4-5 bins in them and were taken by me standing on my coffee table to get everything in frame. :)

    Sending you some more Chaotic Healing Energy(tm) - sounds like you need it!

  3. I'm panicking too. i didn't get any picture taking done last weekend as planned. And i thought, well this is a Friday off so I'll so it then. Now there's big push at work and I'll have to go into the office on Friday!


  4. Are you doing the WIP thingy too, thought I might and give myself a big shock and an attack of the guilts!
    Bugger DH is home and will see everything......

  5. Ohhhhhhh goody, I love drooling over peoples yarn stashes.

    And Jaywalkers :) They seem to be a most forgiving pattern in that they make yarn that comes out crappy in other patterns, magically look fantastic.

  6. I think I will avoid the whole flash your stash thing..Since you know the last time I took a piccie they took up the whole lounge room floor! And even though I have had a yarn diet..It hasnt shrunk..I think its GROWN!!!

    Thank you soooooooo much for the gorgeous yarn! I am going to post piccies of them tomorrow (today with be Project Spectrum piccies).


  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Sorry, second attempt to get this right!

    Panic, ooo, panic, ooo, panic all over the place LOL I know cos you sang it to me on my blog during the Olympics - The Goodies of course!

    I went to a huge craft show yesterday, walked my feet to bloody stumps but so far today I've taught myself to use a lucet and to needle felt and its only 10.30am! Life is good!

    Hope you feel better soon!


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