No rest for the wicked

G'day all!

Well no rest for the wicked! I thought that I could laze around a bit on my week off. OK, Sunday I lazed - it was 38 and Too Hot to Do Anything.

I thought I'd get lots of dyeing done early in the weekend, but it turned into watch DH and FiL rip the old roofing iron off the garage and plonk the new stuff on top after replacing/extending some of the rafter beam thingies. I did stuff around the yard and cleaned the house when I couldn't bear watching them wandering around between rafters. Plus I started building a warping board out of pine, so I am assured it will truly be a warped board within a couple of months (warping boards usually are used to measure out the warp for weaving but I am going to use it for self striping yarns, and pine, Pinus radiata - endangered in the wild but taking over Oz - is well known for warping as it dries properly). I bought 12.5mm dowl for the pegs in the warping board, came home, found we don't have that big a drill bit, went back to the hardware shop (the next day), discovered that it would cost over $20 for the right size drill bit or $4 for dowel in a size that we do have a drill bit in.... ummm, yeah. $4 thanks!

I did some washing of a small part of the 2.9 kilos of fleece that I bought. Such fluffy clouds drying on some old roofing:

And three stages of fleece - dirty, washed and combed into snails:

This is such yummy stuff to spin - it is gorgeous! Soft, bouncy, just a bit of sheep left in it.

I tried out some new dyes on some fleece:

Doesn't that look like some sort of mutant, colourful brain?

Don't they make a pretty butterfly?

I am in lerv, baby!

I did some more dyeing - pics later. One lot is EXCELLENT (more LERV!), the other a bit mm, yeah, nyeh. I think I'll overdye it some.

Yesterday we did more roofing stuff. Today Nathan had a full on cold. We spread it round the good folk at Kuranga, the best native plant nursery in Australia (with the exception of Max's place out of Albany - I know - I've gone to every nursery I've been able to drive or walk to). I'll show the whoopsy we had at their sale at another time on the house blog. I wouldn't have gone there if I had known there was a sale... We are planning to go away for a couple of days later in the week so I'd better not get Nathan's cold! (Am feeling underwell, so maybe he has given me it - don't want it!) If I am snorting and snuffling and feeling lousy then I can't drive and Nathan can't drive my car with any degree of ease - he hardly fits in the passenger seat let alone the driver's with all the pedals and the steering wheel.

Last night someone flew past on a whipper snipper (or that is what it sounded like). Eat your heart out, Harry Potter! Who needs a flying broom when you can have a flying, poorly tuned whipper snipper instead! (Weed whacker, strimmer, call it what you may...) Then during the wee hours, I was woken up by what sounded like a jumbo jet taxiing down the road. I didn't know our road was a runway!

Time for me to say toodle-pip and crawl off to bed. Very tired tonight. The fun of dyeing yarn all morning and driving all over the beautiful Dandenongs this afternoon must've worn me right out!



  1. nice job on the fleece, i have to ask how do you wash it? I have a HUGE bag (like, 10 kgs) of unwashed fleece with no idea of how to wash it without making a mess of it and ending up with felt. I would love for it to end up as nice as yours looks (albeit brown instead of white). love the dyes, great colours.

  2. Wow, that DOES look like a very colorful and fluffy brain! Lovely stuff.

  3. Ooooooooooh love the rainbow brain! lol

    Gotta be careful of the Jumbos taxiing down your street!



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