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G'day all!

We have a winner! We have two winners, actually! They made the closest guesses.

I was not very specific when I asked how much colourful sock yarn I had.

That actual number of balls is *only* 32! (Shock, gasp!) Yes, you heard a-right! Only 32! Amongst those is about 8 100g lots, which is more than enough for two socks, and the rest is single sock balls. So that means I have enough yarn for about 20 more pairs of socks. Plus I have some handspun that is lurking elsewhere, ready to pounce when I least expect it.

*But* I also had about 10 lots of partial balls/skeins in there. That is 42!

So this means *TWO* winners!

Katt and Chris, please specify your prize - yarn type and colours! Katt loves the brights - more brights, Katt? And Chris is on a GF diet like me, so an extra couple of yummies will go in the parcel for her.

If I had waited another week before running this little comp, there would be another four skeins, but two are for a gift. Gifts are allowable and don't count under the no more stash enhancement policy? (except for the Blue Moon sock club... ooops... no link cos registrations are supposedly now closed)

I confess. I bought more cheap yarn today. I am a sinful woman. And on Sunday. It was the colours. I could not help myself. It was novelty yarn. It was the textures. I *CONFESS!* All up it has cost me about $10.

See all those poor little polyesters and viscoses that died to give themselves up for tacky yarn that delights me?

See them all in this slightly blurry closeup???

I have a bug about dull green and (amost any shade of) pink together at present. I am NOT going to paint the house in those colours though. I think I will stick with having yarn and pens in those colours (the pens probably set me off on this latest thing, but I have often wanted me some Knit Happens sock yarn, even though I know it gets muddy when knitted up - it just looks so pretty in the skein!)

The sock continues. The blue-green novelty wrap continues. Third ball of that - knitting on 25mm needles continental style really helps zip through the yarn. It is pretty. I like it. It is in me colours. Lots of things are me colours except yellow based and dull colours.

I'd better publish this blog entry - Peevish is probably getting peevish by now...



  1. OMG I won I won!!! I have never won a comp before!!!

    Yes more brights for me thanks! :D

    Do you need me to email you my address too?


  2. Oh! How fun!! This is the first contest that I've actually won, altho I have received a consolation prize or two for being SOOOOOOO persistent. :D

    GF goodies! Woot woot! I like black and jewel tones (purple, green, cobalt). Love sock yarn. Like wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, and cotton blends. Not pure cotton or pure artificial (unless the artificial is super squishy soft - then anything goes...).

    *bouncing Peevelike with excitement*

  3. Wow! Lucky winners. Very pretty yarn!

  4. Ooh pretty new yarn! Most bargainous. It's odd you mention pinks and greens together - that's the colours in my Clapotis. I also have purples, mulberry and green yarns to make a steek boa as a prezzie. Spooky :-)

  5. Flora7:48 pm

    Hello !

    I am a 30 years old French spinner and dyer in Melbourne and I would like to organize a meating once every 1 or 2 months to share our crazy techniques.
    If you are interested please let me know at flore [at] tricotin [dot] com

    Congratulations for your great dyeing and spinning!



  6. How strange! I just guessed '42' as the amount of sock yarn another knitter had in stash - because that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything...including stashes!

  7. I forgot to say if you havent done mine yet 4ply or 8ply will be good for me :D lol



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