Odd day and GLOAT!

G'day all!

As happens now, the sun rose just as I got to the station. I had the camera with me but didn't take a shot cos I thought I was going to miss the train. Getting this particular train is important cos there are usually seats available.

So I got onto the platform and looked to where the train comes from. Then I twigged. I had not heard the train coming, nor the dingdongs 500m down the road, or any of the normal trainy noises. At that point I got out my knitting cos I couldn't read the paper - they had delivered the Wrong Paper (sorta like the Wrong Trousers, only different). I read the snobby paper not the pleb tabloid (that'll razz up a few people!).

Turns out some mug was giving the coppers a chase along the train line at Dandenong, three stops away. They couldn't run the trains cos they didn't want to run him over.

You would think the police could run someone down pretty easily, but this bloke delayed the trains by 15 minutes! I reckon he was THE most unpopular man in Melbourne - it certainly made the train trip a bit squishy! At the stops it was like an overful sardine tin spilling its guts.

So I missed getting really good shots of the fog over the city from Richmond station (hence the train stuff all around) cos I was a bit late. Instead you have to deal with adequate pics:

and then from the Yarra:

I love this walk along the Yarra. It has reflections:

If I look the wrong way it has Bright Light Wot Urts Moine Eyes:

And it has the old sandridge railway bridge which has just been opened as a ped bridge.

I love the reflected light bouncing off the Yarra. I love the ripples and reflections.

Then when I got into work, a workmate had brought two boxes of these from Sydney - we don't have a franchise yet.

I am told they are very yummy but I can't eat them so I don't know. Prolly just as well for my waistline.

Speaking of waistlines. I have to start being more careful about what I eat. My body is saying "winter coming, EAT! You need lots of FAT to prevent STARVATION!" Stupid body. I walked home from Springvale today, that is an extra mile or so jsut to help stop that sort of problem. It was warmish and my feet got sweaty so now my corn is blistered. MMMmmmmm - you needed to know that :-)

Knitting content? You want knitting content? Will yarn p()rn do instead?

I got a box today

Inside the box is:

I've already wound the skein into a centre pull ball. :-)

Poor Nutmeg. Nathan has totally blissed her out. Nutmeg will take all the patting she can get, even if she is obviously finding it OTT. She will squawl with pleasure and pain. She just keeps asking for more. You stop and she'll come back and butt your hand. She is now flopped on her blue thing exhausted. She can hardly open her eyes.

OK, time for a walk then I have to find the bead box with the little bit of wire in it so I can put some pearl drops or shiny beads onto this yarn I am knittng a hat with. It is a very Cool Hat, I think. (this means it is pretty daggy really)



  1. You and Peeve got your kits very quickly!! No surprise, Peeve is already working on her sock...

    Love the reflections picture.

    I've not had those doughnuts (Krispy Kremes?), either, but damn, they look sort of gruesomely greasy to me. I'm not sure that doughnuts should congeal when cold.

  2. Pretty pictures of the fog and the Yarra. We very occasionally get a similar kind of weird sea-mist/fog in Blackpool, that hangs round the tops of the buildings. It's quite spooky.

    Nice sock yarn & kit!

    Now then - hat + beads = Odessa?

  3. Lovely pics...and those doughnuts do look yummy. ;-)

  4. Pssst... You can win sock yarn for being funny...

  5. oooooooh yarn porn!!!

    I saw that bumper sticker on someone elses blog yesterday (cant for the life of me remember where) and I LOVED it then and I still do!


  6. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see your beaded hat.

  7. mmm STR kit - I am so jealous! I missed out of sign-ups because I dithered.

    I loved the photos of the fog. It is always interesting to see other people's places.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments at my blog.

  8. You are sooooo lucky you can't eat those donuts. I can, and I shouldn't!

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