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G'day all!

Over the last few days I have been discovering the joys of knitting on honking great big needles. Joys such as being able to knit this

and this

in less than three nights for the pair of them. Yep, they are stashbusting scarfy-wrappy things. I'd actually like to sell them but I have to find the right market first. I have lots more of that sort of thing to knit up.

I haven't abandoned my socks quite yet but I have not knit ANY sock for a day now! That is the first time in ages! Here's the self-striping sock off the needles.

The sharp eyed amongst you, or imaginative might be able to see that I did a sort of graduated lead in to the ribbing at the top.

I started at the sides and worked my way in then worked my way back out again until it was all one by one ribbing. Next time I try this (apart from on the sock mate to this one!) I'll do it every fourth row not every second.

Today was interesting in a dull sort of way. Is that possible? I have some acquisitions to show you but they can wait until tomorrow, along with the tale...



  1. That sock is looking so cool! Love the stripey goodness. Wow, maybe I need to add some big needle knits to my life... but I so prefer knitting fingering weight...

  2. Big needles make my hands hurt so much that any speedy advantage is diluted somewhat. But they look cute (the wraps) and there is a place for big needles in this world.

  3. Cute socks, and hey, there's nothing wrong with big needles!

  4. I have some 5mm casein needles and that's as big as I'm prepared to go, I so love knitting on tiny needles. I love the green wrappy thing!!
    Very nice ribbing idea!!! I might give that a go!!

  5. the sock is looking fantastic! i'm impressed with your dyeing skills!

    and the wraps look like muppet fur, lol. nice muppet fur.

    i don't knwo where you'd sell them, lol


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