Suh-weet sock!

G'day all!

Yesterday I promised pics of the self striping sock knitted from yarn I dyed myself. Not that I thrust my chest out when I say "Yarn I dyed all by myself!" or anything.... I would not be that childish!

So here it is!

Suh-weet, eh? I can't wait to play with more yarn, but I really have to do some more fixing up and tidying and clean out the dye pot.

It is nice to hear from lots of other bloggers about finding succour on the roomy breast of the internet's knit blogs. I know of one blogger who freaked out totally when she discovered another knitter who lived only 15 minutes from her via her blog. For some reason this seemed to send her over the edge. Heck, finding more local knitters has to be a good thing? The more the merrier, or so I say! Plus I get to talk to people I would never otherwise get to talk to - people from all over the world. That is waaaaay cool.

Time for a walk before bed. Gotta have a little walk, though I am dead dog tired. A walk should help me sleep better.



  1. That pink is absolutely gorgeous.

    Can't wait to see the finished sock.


  2. Wow, you have great mastery of sock yarn dyeing! Too cool.

    Dang, I LOVE finding knitters near me. Blogging is wonderful, but I do love to sit down with actual in-the-room knitters. :)

  3. Wow, I absolutely love your hand-dyed yarn, it's turned out so cool! Great work done, I can't wait to see the photos when the socks are finished!
    I'm not a local knitter unfortunately, but still, best wishes from the other end of the world - Austria!

  4. Very pretty pink sock, clever dyeing! I must also comment on the loveliness of yesterday's items as I was too busy ranting to mention them :-)

    I'd be happy to find other knitters local to me, I really would!

  5. Duuuuuude.



  6. Oh, yum.

    And pleasetelluswhowonthecontest!

  7. Wow, your dyeing is so excellent!! It knits up so beautifully!!!!


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