Gold amongst the dross

G'day all!

Well what an interesting ride this week has been. This is a whingy post. Be warned.

On Saturday we got the new roof sorta on the garage. It was hot on Sunday. On Monday more roof stuff happened. On Tuesday Nathan had a full on cold after feeling crappy for a day or two. Me? I don't often get colds. Instead my body vigorously fights them off for days and days and days. A bit of sore throat, that constant feeling of about to come down with a cold but nothing more. Just a constant feeling of underwellness. That is where I am at at present.

Because DH is under the weather, he has little tolerance for things that he does not want to do and because I am part of him, if I do stuff he doesn't want to do, I should not do it either. (No that doesn't make sense.) I have been happily dyeing stuff. I can't show pics cos they are special things for other people. I can say that I am very happy with the results - one lot had to go back in the dye pot but it looks great now.

Nathan is not into dyeing stuff. With his current lack of tolerance, he thought it was all a waste of my time and I should be doing something better with my time like doing all the things he should be doing. I wanted to take yarn to the guild to sell. That would take a good couple of hours - I was going to take the train - and guess what? Another waste of time! Why bother! Why bother? Cos the yarn could make me well over a hundred dollars and we are going to be poor quite soon since someone is not going to have a job soon, and someone else is killing herself slowly working at a big corporate in a job that is undermining all that she is and trying to make her into another corporate drone. Individuality is not something that the evilexa prizes.

Can I just say that I am a VERY cranky person at the moment - DH is rubbing me entirely the wrong way. Totally unsupportive. He is not normally this annoying - if he was he would not be my DH. Plus it is the time of year when I am very flat indeed - the days are getting markedly shorter. This flatness will last until some time in April. Happens every year.

Still there is gold amongst the dross.

And last night's sunset was magic - click on the paperbark tree for a series of pics...

We are going away for a few days. Back on Sunday! It better be good, though I fear it is going to be raining and that will cut down our walking and outdoors activities a LOT.



  1. Oh, that would get me cranky, too!!! I hope he's cheerier while you're away...

    Oh, mysterious doings! How exciting!!! ;)

  2. The sunset photos were absolutely beautiful.

    I have a bit of a sicky in the house at the moment too so I can sympathise with you.

    A few days away should do you good.


  3. It sounds worse than being stuck at home with an autistic child with an ear infection...

    Loved the photos, though I think I actually liked the pic of the bark even more than the sunset ones - but what is the bulbous thing?

    Enjoy the time away!

  4. Ack! You need this break I think! Hope you get decent weather for walking and stuff.

    Certain times of the year are bad for us - basically January and February to a lesser extent - darkest days don't help much! Hope DH stirs his stumps and loses the whinging! Mind you when men are poorly - then they are POORLY and we women don't understand their suffering :-) :-)

  5. Love your blog. Loved the photos.
    Can you tell me how to pronounce "whingy"? I read the word all over the place and know what it means but I've never, ever heard it pronounced. So: Long i, short i? Soft or hard g? Do tell.

  6. I can sympathise with you on the HD bit,when they are sick They have to be nursed and when we girls come down with a hideous disease, WE still have to do everything!!!
    My DH (at the moment anyway) stated we will both pull a sickie together and do our own thing for the day, What!!!!! don't think so,
    1. I love my job
    2. I just laybyed $3000 worth of stove and washing machine!!!!!


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